I know what you’re thinking – oh great, yet another music blog. Well, you’re partially right. But only partially.

I’m a recent college grad with a major in Mass Communications, minor in English Lit/Creative Writing. Writing is my passion. I want to be an entertainment journalist in the future – but for now? For now I’m working part-time at a local art museum. Enter this blog. While I have a Tumblr, a Twitter, a LiveJournal, and another WordPress blog, none of those really give an the outlet like this. I want to write about music and not just in my personal settings. I want to keep my skills alive until I find a great job in my field.

Instead of just being a ‘this is what I like, read it’ blog, I’m going to be doing this a little differently. About two years ago, I got a laptop and migrated slowly from my desktop that I had used since 8th grade. I still don’t have all of my music on the laptop. I know, I know! I have the speed of Gary the Snail. Because of this, my iTunes play counts are scraping the floor. I decided as I make a journey toward having a “1” beside every single song in my iTunes, I’d turn it into a blog.

Currently, my iTunes has 7,369 items and I feel like that grows every few days. I adore music. And I promise I won’t do this alphabetically because really, where’s the fun in that?

My iTunes contains a little bit of everything, so this isn’t just going to be a rap blog, or a rock blog, or whatever. My iTunes is all over the place, and I think as this blog goes on, you’ll see just how eclectic of a collection I’m going to write about. The goal is to have an “album of the day” every day (or let’s get real, at least every two days) and write about it here while increasing the play counts on my sad iTunes.

And in case you aren’t a Sci-Fi/80’s movie fan, my blog title is a reference to Back to the Future because some of my music I’ve brought over from my desktop and could be eight+ years old and some of it just came out today, so I felt like we would be taking a time travel journey, both into the past and into the future.

Ready. Set. Go.

When the hell are they?

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