The Summer Set: Love Like This

I’m trying to switch things up every post – which isn’t hard when your iTunes is as random as mine. I wanted to do a rap post today, but something drew me further down the alphabet.

The only songs I’ve heard that The Summer Set has done were their covers of Taylor Swift songs. I’m no stranger to pop-punk. Most of my high school career was overtaken with Slipknot, Manson, and pop-punk bands. And it’s something that I still enjoy if it’s well done – but that’s not so easy to find anymore.

Anyway, today’s album is Love Like This from The Summer Set.

The album starts off with what I first thought was Patrick Stump before puberty hit (or did it ever?) with The Boys You Do (Get Back at You). I was seriously mistaken and the proceeded to laugh out loud at some of the lyrics – they were almost reminiscent of something Hit the Lights might come out with. But this genre of music, I feel, is so hard to succeed at. You have to have the right vibe, the right vocals, the right lyrics, and the right mix of music. Besides covering T-Swizzy, I’m not so sure this band succeeds.

Chelsea is kind of annoying and the vocals are much too whiney for my ears to appreciate. Many other musicians have successfully pulled off name-centric songs. This band does not.

The first song I remotely enjoyed on the album was up next. Young has techno-lite beats in the background helping out the singing. I do have to admit, though, the lyrics are totes adorbs. Or, you know, totally adorable.

If the vocals on the entire album sounded like the ones in Take It Slow, I might enjoy what was happening on the inside of my headphones.

Many songs on this album felt forgettable to me until we get to Love Like This. Folks, this is what pop-punk is supposed to sound like. The lyrics have the right mix of love, anxiety, and sass. The band stays on this streak with Girls Freak Me Out, even though the lyrics are predictable and have been heard before.

Besides the songs from Love Like This to This Is How We Live (tracks 7-10), this album is kind of a let down. I feel like they haven’t established what kind of band they are with the 11 songs on this album. Most of the songs sound different despite that four song stretch of awesome. In the past couple of years, I have grown to have an appreciation for acoustic songs, but this band just doesn’t pull it off. It’s almost like they haven’t even really mastered the pop-punk genre yet. They need to stick with songs like the above mentioned golden tracks or just keep covering Taylor Swift.

Key Tracks:
Love Like This (track 7)
Girls Freak Me Out (track 8)
This is How We Live (track 10)

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4 thoughts on “The Summer Set: Love Like This

  1. Like all sorts of things with regards to Taylor Swift! Kudos friend for posting!

  2. Sarah says:

    Dang. I love this album so much- and Chelsea’s my favorite track!

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