Bad Books: Bad Books

If my 15 year old self could know how quiet my tastes in music had become, I fear she would be highly disappointed. I used to snarl my nose at the mere mention of an “indie” band of any kind. I refused to listen to anything that wasn’t loud and if the lyrics weren’t being screamed? Then it was a no thank you.

Today’s album of the day is the self titled disc from Bad Books.

There’s something so easy, so relaxing about listening to music that is as soothing as the music that Bad Books makes. The first two tracks on this album, How This All Ends and The Easy Mark & The Old Maid, had already sold me on the quality of the band (and I wasn’t let down by the time I get to the tenth track). The lyrics are well written and the music makes you want to sway like a blade of grass in a gentle breeze.

The harsher tones of Baby Shoes is a nice shift in the album, showing a different side of the band as they pull off stronger guitars in the background.

I am most impressed by the acoustic song You’re A Mirror I Can’t Avoid. I told you all I had developed an appreciation for acoustic songs – when they’re done right. Bad Books can continue.

I think what stands out to me on the majority of these tracks are the skill of the lyrics. I’m a sucker for a good line, no matter what kind of band it’s coming from – if you can write some good lyrics, I’m putty in your hands. Bad Books has solid lyrics in just about every track. And even though You Wouldn’t Have To Ask is the shortest on the album, it’s one of the best (If you faced it, you wouldn’t need a mask).

There are more albums than I can count or name that I cannot listen to all the way through without stops or skips. I wouldn’t mind listening to this one all the way through because the band switches it up from track to track while remaining cohesive and making the album seem like a solid unit. At no point was I questioning their identity. Clearly the lineup helps with this since these gentlemen are already established musicians, but it’s so nice to hear from a band. This album comes with high recommendations from me. I’m also going to make a point to check out the other projects of the artists involved with this band.

Key Tracks
You’re A Mirror I Can’t Avoid (track 4)
You Wouldn’t Have To Ask (track 6)
Please Move (track 8)

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