Drake: Thank Me Later

I’ve been saying I wanted to have a rap entry for a couple days now and I figured after last night’s SNL, I may as well go ahead and put it through. Today’s album is Thank Me Later from Drake.

People around me watched Degrassi, but while it was on, I didn’t have the channel that it aired on (otherwise, I would probably have been obsessed). But to find out that Drake was on that show and then hear he turned around a few years later to release a very successful debut rap disc, I was shocked. I was also very skeptical when I heard he was putting out an album. Another actor turned musician?  Yawn.

Like Nicki Minaj, I’ve heard a lot of tracks that Drake has been on. I guess that’s the perk of being on a label with Weezy. I’ve had this album sitting around for a while, but this has been my first listen all the way through.

Let’s face it – a debut album with the first track featuring Alicia Keys? You know you’re on point when that lines up. There’s just something about Drake’s voice that I adore and Fireworks gives me all that charisma that I know and love. Since I’m not an avid rap listener (I’m getting better!), a lot of the artists out today sound the same to me, but Drake’s voice has stood out since I first heard him. Not only is it unique, but it flows like velvet.

Twenty seconds into Over and my head is bobbing. When I listen to rap, I like hard beats and good verses. This track delivers exactly that. And you know when there’s a Michael Jackson reference that it’s 2 legit 2 quit.

Miss Minaj sprinkles magic all over any track she’s on and Up All Night is no different. She and Drake have some insane chemistry and every track they do together gets better and better (Make You Proud anyone?).

For a debut CD, the guest spots just keep giving. Shut It Down is no exception as The Dream joins Drake for a slower, grooving seduction.

The title track, Thank Me Now, also hits hard. Drake’s lyrics are snappy, witty, and entertaining. And he doesn’t rap so fast that I could never keep up with him if I wanted to pretend to be the next big thing in rap music.

This album could have only been better with a spot from Yeezy.

Key Tracks:
Over (track 4)
Up All Night (track 6)
Thank Me Now (track 14)

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