Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

I’m going to let you all in on a little secret with today’s post. As I was trying to decide on an album to listen to, I was trying to go to a genre that I hadn’t done yet – trying to spread the love out a little, right? I was scrolling through and almost did another pop-punk band, but then my eyes landed on the newest Foo Fighters album sitting quietly on the shelf of my iTunes. I’ve never extensively listened to this band.

I can’t believe I just typed that. Besides their singles or more popular songs, I’ve never listened to them extensively in one sitting. After reading a recent Rolling Stone article about this album, I decided it was time to end this mystical problem. In order to remedy this, today’s album is Wasting Light by the Foo Fighters.

As you can probably imagine, I also never really listened to Nirvana. I’m working on that, too, I promise. I just never took much time to listen to legendary bands like that. I’ll get there some day. I have a feeling that I’ve made a mistake not taking more notice of the Foo Fighters and Bridge Burning is like a sharp smack in the face of realization – but the kind that would feel nice after the initial burn wore off.

I can’t decide if it’s the guitars or if it’s the vocals, but something about the Foo Fighters seems older- but in a great way. There aren’t many rock bands that have such a solid sound, and that may be because of the experience packed into this band. Dear Rosemary especially reminds me of something with a little more mature sound. I only wish there were more rock bands who could pull off such a solid track. Maybe then there would be a few rock albums in the 100 best selling albums of the year instead of zero like last year.

White Limo lends an edge to this band that is largely new to my ears and I like what they’re doing with this hard rock vibe. The vocals are perfectly suitable for slow rock songs or ones like this one that have a lot of screaming involved.

I usually refrain from writing about every single song as I’m writing an entry – and I usually write these AS I am listening while the thoughts are fresh in my head and then I edit my thoughts – but this album is so good that I can’t not mention the next track, Arlandria. I think this is my favorite on the album. Great lyrics, very catchy, all around perfect rock song.

Miss the Misery made me think of AFI, but this song is nothing like the first thing to come to mind. Foo Fighters have such charm about them that come through in this song. There’s such a dirty element to any great rock band and I think it comes through from all angles with these guys. Too many rock bands try to be squeaky clean and I just can’t deal with that. Curse, smoke, don’t bathe, and give me some good rock n’ roll any day.

Point blank, if you’re out there wandering around in the desert, thirsty for a great rock band like I was, please take the cure and pick up this album. I’m so mad at myself for never taking notice of this band before. Now I get to enjoy all of their past albums.
Key tracks:
Dear Rosemary (track 3)
White Limo (track 4)
Arlandria (track 5)
Walk (track 11)

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