Hanson: Shout It Out

The last contact I had with Hanson was during the MMM…Bop! days when my cousin had the youngest (Taylor?) plastered on her wall and was determined to marry him. Clearly, a lot has changed since that age and Shout It Out by Hanson, and the band reflects their maturity on this disc.

I was never a huge fan of the band. I enjoyed what I heard, but besides being at my cousin’s house, I never extensively listened to them. I was too busy listening to Michael Jackson to really care. I never minded them, I just wasn’t very into them. It seems as if the three brothers have matured in many positive ways. They’re all easier on the eyes and tracks like Kiss Me When You Come Home seem far less annoying than what they’re most well-known for.

I imagine these three are still melting the hearts of people worldwide, especially with songs like Give A Little. The tune is up beat with horns flanking in the background and some sassy lyrics thrown in. Actually, Hanson makes use of horns and pianos in many of these songs, and it’s a nice addition behind the vocals that are oh-so perfect for a boyband. (Is it just me or do the vocals almost sound like the Spill Canvas?)

I don’t remember if the boys did their own instrument playing when they were popular back in the day (I’m thinking they did), but their skills come through on this album. What was once annoying preteen boyband pop has now turned into well-rounded pop music that has a really nice sound quality to all of it. Their diversity of instruments and the tampering with different sounds together is particularly interesting, especially in songs like And I Waited. If you had told me a few years ago that this band would put out such a nice sounding record, I probably would have side-eyed you.

I’m especially impressed with the slower songs that are undeniably beautiful all the way around. Use Me Up is mostly vocals and piano and is wonderfully crafted.

All in all, this album is much more than I expected when I first opened it. And it’s something that I will more than likely listen to again.
Key tracks:
Kiss Me When You Come Home (track 3)
And I Waited (track 7)
Voice In The Chorus (track 11)

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