VersaEmerge: Fixed at Zero

I was scrolling through my Facebook wall just a few minutes ago and a friend had posted a video from a band with a “kickass female singer” and it got me thinking. All through my life, I’ve listened to male-dominated bands – except in pop music, really. My favorite band list doesn’t include even one with a female lead. I used to really enjoy Paramore, and Hayley is an excellent front-woman, but where are the rest of the bands? Most women in rock music are going for the absolute wrong “respect me” route, but that’s another entry for another day.

Then I remembered I had an album in my iTunes from the band VersaEmerge – and I remembered I have never listened to it. So, today’s album is Fixed at Zero from VersaEmerge. (And please feel free to comment with some other female fronted bands and I’ll do some other posts on them. I have another great band for tomorrow lined up, but I could always use some more suggestions!)

Sierra Kusterbeck’s voice is oddly reminiscent of Hayley Williams, but with a different haunting quality. The title track, Fixed at Zero shows her beautiful chords off and explains the album cover to me (weren’t you wondering, too?). Kusterbeck has the voice that fits with rock music – and I’ve heard a lot of voices that don’t – and it makes me infinitely happy that she’s a kickass lady. Don’t get me wrong – I love the dudes, but there’s just something awesome about seeing a girl fronting a rock band and doing a solid job of it.

The lyrics are also not as gender-centric as you sometimes hear in any kind of music. You’ll Never Know is a wonderful song with some overlaying background music and Kusterbeck’s lovely voice laced with some great lyrics.

I always like a little shake-up in the sounds of bands – which is probably credited to my listening to The Eagles throughout my early years – and VersaEmerge pulls that off with Fire (Aim Your Arrows High) and Your Own LoV.E. Not enough bands have more than one successful vocalist on their bill. It’s nice to hear just a bit of a differentiation in some songs. I’m not a huge fan of the constant switch-ups – like something you’d hear in Lady Antebellum or anything – but I really enjoy some other voices sprinkled in.

I’ve  known about this band for a while, but I’d only ever listened to one track and watched one video and I saw pictures from their stent on Warped. But this album was pretty good. Not the best rock album ever, but they’re a band I’ll be keeping one eye on.

Key Tracks:
Fixed At Zero (track 3)
Your Own LoV.E. (track 9)
Mythology (track 10)

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