Carney: Mr. Green, Vol. 1

Today is one of those days when Queen and The Little Mermaid do mash-ups in my head while I’m showering. I wanted something more upbeat and fun for today’s post, so I cheated and searched “pop” on my iTunes. After scoping the list, I decided on Mr. Green Vol. 1 by the band Carney.

I used to sit at school between classes and just look up a band on Amazon and download music from all of the artists on the “people who bought this also bought this” category that scrolls at the bottom of the page. I think this is probably how I came to discover this album and this band in general. Wikipedia tells me that the lead singer of this band, Reeve Carney, is now starring on Broadway as Spider-Man and he once got to sing with Michael Jackson. I like him already.

Besides these awesome factoids, the music on this album is something I could get into. The first song, Love Me Chase Me has a very military-esque feel – like you’re marching into battle or war (or just the album) with the band. Reeve’s voice is great, though – it has a grainy texture and fits the style of music that he’s singing in front of.

Tomorrow’s Another Day is even more whimsical and upon first listen, almost made me feel like it was the soundtrack for when Alice fell into the rabbit hole.

Each of the songs have their own quirky qualities, but There She Goes may be on top. Not only is there a nice call-and-response ordeal going on musically, but I love the beat and the circus tunes that are slipped in strategically. This may be the best track on the album. Most bands wouldn’t be able to pull off the back-and-forth between circus and reality, but Carney really hits the spot and doesn’t make it sound like an avante garde outfit on Project Runway. It fits with this band.

The only slow song on the album, Think of You, works really well. It’s not overdone and it doesn’t feel forced.

When I got to Testify, I was actually genuinely disappointed that this album was ending. I haven’t felt that way about an album in a while – and it’s not something that I’ve felt with any of the albums I’ve written about on here. This is actually really good music. I wish these guys weren’t doing the Spider-Man musical and were actually writing more music for another album release. Also, I’m not sure my iTunes had the genre right, but I’ll tag it with a couple different genres.

Check this band out. Now.
Key tracks:
Tomorrow’s Another Day (track 2)
There She Goes (track 5)
Testify (track 8)

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