The Morning Of: The Way I Fell In

Is it lame that I always preview a track and then look up the band on Wikipedia before I write about them on here? Sometimes I like to sound like I know what I’m talking about. Most of the time with the bands I write about on this blog, I definitely do not. Today’s band is one of those instances. We’ll be listening to The Way I Fell In by The Morning Of.

Jennasea is an odd choice to start an album. It’s slower than some of the other tracks on the album and most of the time, beginning tracks try to reel you in like a prize fish or shark or some other coveted sea creature. I’m not so sure this song connects me in that way, but What You Can’t Control is a better follow-up and gives me hope for the album. The two vocals in the band are also intriguing to me and I’m exccited to see where they take the sound throughout the album. Though the female does sound like she’s trying to shout some of the time…

The Ones That Fall Apart is a song that would really make me take notice of a band. The female vocalist – Jessica Leplon – is still sounding more like she’s shouting than singing, but the song is up beat and the lyrics are catchy enough that I could see myself belting this out in the car.

I can usually tell what track is going to be my favorite as I’m listening, and I get the vibe from Tell Me I’m Wrong. Both vocals are on point and the music is spot on. The lyrics also hit me enough that I went to Google them to read them again.

I keep going back and forth between liking Leplon’s voice. Whoever is doing the male vocals (I can’t tell from their Wiki page which member it is, or if it’s multiples), I like it. I just don’t know. In songs like The Time It Takes To Grow, her voice works really well, but she needs to calm down the shouting in some other tracks.

I will say that I love the use of the piano in this album by Chris Petrosino. He really does a stand-up job on that instrument and it adds quality and edge to many of the songs.

Heaven or Hell is such a perfect ending to this album. It may be the longest track of the bunch, but The Morning Of means business on this track and they wrap up a fairly good album with this great twist. Some of the song is sang with barely any music, just vocals, and Leplon is even pulling out the stops in this one.

This is definitely an album that I’ll listen to again – some songs more than others. And I’ll be keeping an eye on this band. This also comes recommended from me if you’re looking for something new to jazz your life up a little. Or if you need a new Facebook status via lyrics.
Key Tracks:
Tell Me I’m Wrong (track 4)
Dance With Me (track 5)
Heaven or Hell (track 12)

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