Two Door Cinema Club: Tourist History

I used to pride myself on knowing all of the bands that were popular in the “scene” at the current time. For years, there wasn’t a band that had merch in Hot Topic who I didn’t know and I could name albums by nearly all of the bands who covered magazines like Alternative Press. Now? I couldn’t name five bands who were popular now. Last year’s Warped lineup looked like a foreign language for the most part. I’m working on these things – especially considering I want to go into music journalism.

One band I’ve seen a lot about is Two Door Cinema Club, and today, I’m going to have a listen to their album Tourist History.

I started the album before reading about them and I’m really surprised two songs in to learn that this is their debut studio album. These guys sound like they know what they’re doing, and especially for a debut album, that’s surprising. Come Back Home has such an awesome foot-tapping groove to it – and I wouldn’t have guessed that the group was from Ireland if Google hadn’t told me.

I really like the feel of the band – especially in This Is The Life. This is something I could see myself putting on after a long day and just bobbing my head to and spacing out. The vocals also remind me faintly of Mew.

Undercover Martyn is the whole package – variable tempos within the song that keep you engaged, talent on instruments, good lyrics, everything. This is a good jam – and would probably be the song I would recommend to someone who had never heard the band.

Two Door Cinema Club also keeps rolling with the punches with some amazing song titles – including Eat That Up, It’s Good For You. The song itself is also not a disappointment.

You’re Not Stubborn wraps up the album that is probably my favorite I’ve listened to while writing this blog. This is a pretty great group and they make some solid tunes on this album. I’m thoroughly impressed with what I’ve heard here and I’ve already headed over to “like” them on Facebook so I can follow what they’re up to. I’ll probably also look them up on Twitter, because really, what else is Twitter good for besides following bands?

But really, you probably want to check this group out if you don’t already know them. You can never have enough good music in your life.
Key tracks:
Come Back Home (track 2)
Undercover Martyn (track 7)
Eat That Up, It’s Good For You (track 9)

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