Jamie Foxx: Best Night of My Life

Switching directions completely. Tonight, I’m going to listen to Jamie Foxx because my mother and I were discussing him this evening. Besides Gold Digger and Blame It, I haven’t listened to much of his music. Why not? Good question.

I’m pretty sure most people would know who Jamie Foxx is – if not for his music or his nude pictures, at least for his work in movies. Clearly, one wouldn’t expect the lyrics to be anything groundbreaking or life-changing, but I’m semi-shocked at the lyrics in Best Night of My Life. “If we keep lovin like this, we might make make a child, a daughter or a son, whichever one.” Really, Jamie, really?

I do have to say, even from first glance at the track list, there are some pretty exciting guests. The first exciting one to me comes in the form of Mr. Justin Timberlake on Winner (when is that boy going to get back in the studio!?). This is the first track that I would listen to more than once – and isn’t all because of JT and T.I. But mostly.

Jamie Foxx definitely like to sing about alcohol, doesn’t he? I don’t think there’s been a track on the album so far that hasn’t in some way mentioned drinking. That might be overkill considering the success of Blame It…Despite the lyrics, I cannot deny that Hit It Like This is a total beat dropper. I couldn’t resist nodding my head along.

Soulja Boy and Luda step in to guest on Yep Dats Me. If you can’t say anything else about Soulja Boy, you can say that he’s recognizable.

At the end of the day, Jamie Foxx does have a beautiful voice. It’s a shame he doesn’t use it as much. Up until Fall For Your Type, there have been up-beat tracks with borderline idiotic lyrics. This song is much slower (and sweeter). Plus, Drake makes an appearance, and any track he’s going to be on is going to be a good one.

All Said And Done isn’t the best track to wrap up the album. The songs should’ve been mixed together a little more instead of such a stark contrast from the beginning of the album to the end. The lyrics are also…questionable at best. They’re not something I’m going to be quoting any time soon. And I don’t think the album is going to be one I’ll be repeating except for a song or two.
Key Tracks:
Fall For Your Type (track 8)
Winner (track 4)
Gorgeous (track 9)

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