Orianthi: Fire

If you haven’t caught on yet, I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. When he began prepping everything for the This Is It tour, I read everything I could get my hands on – including information about the lead guitarist he had chosen who happened to be a young woman from Australia.

Fast forward a few months, and Orianthi emerged from tour rehearsals and a memorial performance and was able to release some of her own music with the platform that Michael had provided her. She is everything I would want my nonexistent daughter to look up to – she’s fierce, she doesn’t undress on stage, she rocks out, she worked hard to get to where she is and above all, she is an AMAZING musician. Seriously, if you haven’t heard this girl play, please go listen and/or watch a video.

She recently released an EP, Fire, with promises of a full length sometime next year. Hey, the girl is busy – she’s on tour with Alice Cooper right now.

I loved her first two albums, and the first track off of Fire – the title track – did not let me down. It is everything I think of when I think about Orianthi. There is some crazy guitar playing going on at all tempo levels, there’s a weird voice-over at the beginning that instantly caught my attention, and Orianthi’s vocals sound better than ever.

How Does It Feel? is a slowed down track, showcasing more of her beautiful voice rather than the guitar playing for once. This song makes me excited for the full length release coming next year because she just keeps outdoing herself. She is already obviously a very talented musician (Michael Jackson and Santana had already picked up on this), but she’s just strengthening her core and I can’t wait to see what comes from this.

The focus on her excellent guitar playing returns in How Do You Sleep? and it literally gave me chill bumps. I’ve never been a big fan of just listening to a guitar, but I could listen to this girl play all day long.

Heaven in this Hell really showcases Orianthi’s roots and the guitar players that she was inspired by. This track has more of a blues feeling than some of her other songs. This girl is so versatile – she can play the solo in Beat It on a whim, rock out a pop song, or tune into the bluesy side of life. This song is perfect.

The album gets back to the rock side of life with the last track, If You Were Here With Me. I can’t help but rave about Orianthi, but this whole EP is nothing but amazing songs. This is such a great song to wrap it up with, too, considering some of the solos that she played with Michael, and considering she’s on tour right now with a legendary rocker. This song is deeper, with grittier guitar playing than the other songs on this EP, but even with the harder edge, Orianthi maintains all of her different talents and pulls off yet another great track.

Orianthi solidifies in five tracks on this EP that she is a force to be reckoned with. I hope more people take notice of her, especially with some icons continually noticing her and bringing her on board. She really is the whole package. Now go listen to this album and you won’t be sorry.

Key Tracks:
Heaven in this Hell (track 4)
If You Were Here With Me (track 5)

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11 thoughts on “Orianthi: Fire

  1. Nigel says:

    Good piece, i’m a fan too in fact i wrote a piece here on her saying that she’s everything you would want a daughter to have as a musical hero because of her graft and work ethic. Take a look: http://www.ultimatelyurban.com/Music/orianthi-a-breath-of-fresh-air-guitar.html

    I’ll share this article.

  2. Javier says:

    It is a pretty cool album. It sound is a little different but it doesn’t make to forget who is Orianthi. I liked the solos, the distorsion and the mix of the sounds also the letters are good.I barely can wait to the next abum.

  3. Dwayne Conyers says:

    Ori rocks. Luv that girl.

    Είθε η ουράνια άγγελοι πάνε με Orianthi και την προστασία της πάντα…

  4. Charles says:

    I dig the track, Courage, that she did with Flyleaf’s Lacey.

  5. […] thank you to Orianthi who has posted my review of her Fire EP on her Twitter and her Facebook. When I sat watching her on Michael Jackson’s This Is It, or […]

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