Jason Reeves: The Lovesick

Today is going to be another of those days when I have no idea who I’m listening to. I downloaded this album on a whim, without having any clue who Jason Reeves was.

Wikipedia tells me that he’s co-written many a song with Colbie Caillat, and the first track off his album The Lovesick, Helium Hearts, makes that connection in my head. The lyrics are slow and sweet and the music is just bubbly enough to not be acoustic. It’s something you would want to put on in the background if you were doing something that required a tad bit of concentration but you needed some filler music.

Simple Song has the same vibe going on – cute lyrics: you’re just too good for a simple song, along with some mellow backing tracks. Reeves’ voice is definitely fitting, and much less annoying than something Colbie Caillat would churn out.

Save My Heart is the first song off the album that I would listen to again. The lyrics almost remind me of a Taylor Swift song, and the music is a bit more upbeat. Wikipedia also tells me that Reeves is an ASCAP award-winner. His lyrics are pretty strong if you like cute, bubbly songs.

Caillat herself makes an appearance in No Lies. The two voices mingle nicely together, even though Caillat’s voice isn’t very prominent in the song.

Reeves’ talent for lyrical writing shines in Only With You, somehow topping all previous stomach-wrenching romantic lyrics that have already been sung on the album.

Also taking a stab at a guest appearance is former American Idol judge Kara Dioguardi in No One Ever Taught Us. I’ve never bothered to listen to her singing, but I can say judging from this song, she’s nothing special. Neither is this song.

Truth is a nice wrap-up to the album. It’s a slower song, with more of a sad edge, especially compared to some of the first tracks on the album. Reeves songwriting is back up to par in this song and it’s probably better than any of the lovesick songs that have come before it. Maybe heartbreak suits some people.

Not a bad album – but not something I’m going to put into constant rotation.
Key tracks:
Only with You (track 7)
Truth (track 11)
Save My Heart (track 3)

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