The Cinema: My Blood is Full of Airplanes

I spent a good amount of time yesterday using Amazon and Spotify to investigate and find some new bands to listen to. Like I need any more. But the band I’m going to write about today is so great. I listened to the majority of this album on Spotify as I was doing some more investigating, but now that it’s on my iTunes, I need to listen again. Today we’re gonna listen to My Blood is Full of Airplanes by The Cinema.

The band, according to Facebook, is a side project of Leighton Antelman of Lydia and producer Matt Malpass. It’s a successful side project (I also listened to Lydia yesterday – there will probably be a post on them, too).

Satellites, the first track off the album, is the first track I listened to when I was surfing for some good tunes. It’s just such a catchy, upbeat song that you can dance to, but it’s also really good musically and lyrically. The vocals are toned down, especially compared to some other bands I’ve written about lately. The music also kind of feels like Fireflies mixed with Snow Patrol. In the best of ways. Intrigued? I hope so.

The band defines themselves under the “indie” and “pop” categories on their Facebook page. I’m not sure I would agree with those two. Maybe an IndiePopRock combination that’s swirled with some muted colors and a splash of bright sprinkles and some edible glitter. The Wolf is a little more toned down and relaxed, but it’s still something that I see myself listening to way more than once.

I really enjoy the vibe of Say It Like You Mean It. The lyrics are also on point: Come on, take it or leave it. Cause I don’t mean it like I say it, and you don’t say it like you mean it.

Banker has a different feel to it, even though it’s kind of hard to explain how it has a different feel. I guess after a few songs that seem to have muted sounds, it’s a change up to have something that has an injection of rambunctious life. I don’t want to be misleading – this band is very calm and more toned down, so when I describe this as a little heavier, I by no means mean there is any screaming or heavy guitars or anything. This band is playing hide and seek and Banker is the subtle locale clue.

All The Lights is back to the feeling of the band that I had the impression of since the first two songs. The title track wraps up the album with a magical feeling that leaves me wanting more. This actually is a really beautiful song (I’m throwing lassos at the sky, catching moments as big as my eyes) that ends a really beautiful album. I love this album and this band.
Key Tracks:
Satellites (track 1)
Say It Like You Mean It (track 4)
My Blood is Full of Airplanes (track 10)

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