A Loss For Words: No Sanctuary

I end up listening to so many bands that have ties to other bands that I listen to. I don’t know if it’s chance, I’m just great at picking tour line ups, or a clue that I need a new favorite genre of music. Today’s album, No Sanctuary from the band A Loss For Words, is living proof that I just tend to prefer music in the same circle.

My personal taste patterns aside, the band is pretty great. I discovered them pretty recently, but they’re so catchy and fun, it’s hard to resist this kind of music. Yall know how much I love pop-punk by now. Plus, this guys are from a place called Abington, Massachusetts and I live in a place with almost the same name. Let’s add a little more to their street cred and mention that they covered a Boyz II Men song. Yeah, you get it.

The first track I listened to and the first track off the album, Honeymoon Eyes, had me singing the chorus before I had listened to the song one full time. It’s up-beat and something you could have a massive sing-along to – or who am I to judge, maybe a flash mob.

Pray for Rain is more straight forward rock with a little less of the upbeat and catchy seasoning. Matt Arsenault kills it on vocals.

Raining Excuses is the first song that really grabs me and demands my attention. What would this song be about besides some good ole love turmoil? I knew something wasn’t right the night you said “He’s not the one for you, he’s not the one for you.” I see more than just a pretty face, baby. He’s not the one for you, he’s not the one for you. There’s a really interesting overlay of guitars toward the end of this jam, and the band combines vocals for some group shouting around the same time.

I love seeing bands live. I have a feeling The Lost Cause I Used to Be would be one of those electrifying songs to see live. There’s such a group comradery element to the song – complete with a chorus that I can see exploding through a crowd (probably while the few select jerks formed an unfair advantage pit and drug everyone in to be pushed and shoved, but that’s another subject).

I had to make sure I was still listening to the same band when I hit No Sanctuary. The beginning has some screaming in it that I definitely hadn’t heard from this band before and definitely was not expecting. The vocals level off for a chorus and then go right back to some screaming that would’ve been appealing to a teenage me who loved bands like From First to Last (when Sonny Moore wasn’t Skillrex or whatever he’s calling himself these days).

Finite is not only a beautiful title, but a beautiful song. It’s a slowed down version of the band that really works well for them.

Wrightsville Beach is an interesting wrap to the album. It doesn’t carry the same vibe as the rest of the album. This reminds me of something a band like New Found Glory might put out. This is just odd to me to place at the end of an album because it’s such a different technique than the rest of the album – the whole feeling of the song is a little off from the rest of the record.

Bonus: when I read on their Wikipedia page that they had recorded an album of Motown covers (aptly titled Motown Classics), I had to look at the track-listing. The first song is I Want You Back, originally, of course, by the Jackson 5. I had to look this one up on Spotfiy and give it a whirl. Being so attached to this song, I don’t know how to take this cover. Is it a fine effort? Sure. Can it touch the original? Of course not. But it is it interesting to hear I Want You Back recorded with a rock overtone? Absolutely.
Key Tracks:
Raining Excuses (track 4)
The Lost Cause I Used to Be (track 6)
Finite (track 10)

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One thought on “A Loss For Words: No Sanctuary

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