Michael Buble: Christmas

The first snow of the season hit this morning and it was pouring as I was driving to work. It was so blissful, gorgeous and magical –  as the first snow should always be. It was a bit too warm (and too wet) to stick, so the snow just got to stir around a bit in the air. But really – what’s better than that first snow fall?

We’re going to continue with the holiday music tonight with Michael Buble‘s Christmas.

I haven’t listened to much of Mr. Buble, just what hits the radio airwaves. I was a bit shocked when I turned on It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas because his voice is so deep and hits the spot of what I crave when I listen to a Christmas song. I guess it’s where I grew up listening to the Christmas greats, especially the likes of Bing Crosby.

Reading over the track list to this album, I see that Buble is hitting a lot of the high points of Christmas. I can never decide if I like original Christmas songs better or the Christmas classics better when someone like Buble puts out an album like this. If it’s done correctly, I like classics. I never mind a good original song mixed in – but let’s face it, it has to be real hard to write a good original Christmas song.

The beautiful thing about Buble’s take on Christmas is how the songs are done. While they’re the tracks that everyone is used to – and they’re familiar enough to sing along with – he’s changed up the arrangement of the songs, both musically and vocally. Jingle Bells and White Christmas are done in this fashion, but still are successful, even with the minor adjustments to keep us all on our toes.

One of my favorites on the album is All I Want For Christmas Is You. I know, I know. There I go for that song again. But seriously, Buble does a beautiful version of it. His voice practically melts like chocolate fondue over the piano accompaniment.

The rendition of Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) on this album is probably the best of the 19 tracks. It’s such an upbeat and wonderful classic, how can this not get you in the spirit? Especially with Buble’s wonderful voice and the cheery horns in the background.

While he changes some of the songs up quite a bit, Buble keeps it classic on songs like Silent Night and I’ll Be Home For Christmas. His crooning rolls right through these familiar tunes and makes them crackle like a fire in my heart, burning for Christmas.

He also kicks it up a notch and goes Spanish wit Mis Deseos/Feliz Navidad, and I think I prefer his version over the one I’m used to listening to by the Beach Boys.

This is a really great Christmas album. I think I’ll play this when I’m decorating my tree (sooner rather than later). Right behind Nsync’s Christmas album.
Key Tracks:
All I Want For Christmas Is You (track 5)
Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home) (track 9)
Ave Maria (track 14)

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One thought on “Michael Buble: Christmas

  1. This album is so good.

    It’s no surprise it’s doing so well, check out a preview of all the songs:

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