LMFAO: Sorry For Party Rocking

After their performance on Jay Leno a few weeks ago, I’ve been strangely intrigued by LMFAO and it really makes no sense. This really isn’t my usual genre of music. Sexy And I Know It was on my alarm this morning and it’s one of those songs that makes you smile  no matter what. I figured I could at least give their album a full listen.

There’s absolutely no denying it duo creates some beats that are irresistible. Before you know it, every part of your body is moving along to the beat and there’s nothing you can do. Even though this isn’t really my cup of tea, I love the comedic element that these guys have going. There are plenty of people who are way too serious about music, so it’s nice to see some dudes having a good time.

I’m sure you all know Party Rock Anthem. I had heard the song before I knew it was LMFAO. I think DJ Pauly D also spun this song when I saw him open for Britney Spears this summer. It’s such an electric song – especially in a stadium with a ton of other people. When the beat explodes and everyone in sight is jumping, it’s a pretty cool feeling.

I can’t help it so I’ll go ahead and confess it here on the World Wide Web – I’m totally addicted to Sexy And I Know It. There’s just something so great about a bunch of dudes in speedos in a music video, ya know? The lyrics are absolutely ridiculous – but maybe that’s what’s so appealing. My mom can’t even resist this jam.

One Day is the first song that has a different feel to it. Most of the songs on the album up until this track are the same high energy crowd rockers. This song is slowed down and has lyrics that don’t entirely involve clubs/partying/the like.

Take It To The Hole is the first song that gives me any indication that these guys actually have some sort of rapping talent – even though the lyrics are more ridiculous than hilarious for once.

Despite the ever present repetition of the album title, I really enjoy We Came Here to Party. It seems like a step up on the serious scale for this duo and it suits them.

will.i.am does nothing for the track Best Night. It’s probably the most boring song on the album.

The album seems to lose steam as it goes on. Actually, it feels like a party that starts off really great but people start passing out just as it gets good. Or maybe a zombie invasion happens in the middle of the raging party – I don’t know. The point is, by the end of the album, I was ready for it to be over. I think I’ll stick to just listening to Sexy And I Know It on repeat.
Key Tracks:
Sexy And I Know It (track 4)
One Day (track 6)
We Came Here to Party (track 9)

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