Rihanna: Talk that Talk

I’ve been a fan of Rihanna for a while now. For the longest time, I was completely obsessed with Umbrella – and every single cover of it I could get my hands on – and believe me, there was a decent number I found. When I started reading reviews of her new album, I was a little skeptical because of a few things people were mentioning. I figured I’d say screw that (a la Leslie Knope) and take a listen for myself

You Da One is a playful track that makes you dance – and you’ll probably be smiling during the time of it. It reminds me of some of Riri’s earlier music in the best way.

Where Have You Been is a little too electronic for my taste. I don’t know how I feel about the direction Rihanna is going with this super-techno vibe. The single she has on the airwaves right now, We Found Love, is only tolerable in small amounts in the car with the windows down. Otherwise, I don’t care for it.

Talk That Talk is a solid, grade-A track. Jay Z always makes a song golden, but when he’s on a track with Rihanna, it gets real. His on-spot rap is a lead-in to strong vocals from Rihanna – and none of that electronic nonsense is present on this track.

Despite some questionable lyrics (I love it when you eat it), I laughed out loud when the chorus first came on in Cockiness. What a hilariously clever play on words. You’re going to have to go listen to this one for yourself. Nothing I could say would do this justice. Trust me.

Drunk on Love will probably end up being my favorite track on the album. It’s got a dance vibe, but there are enough of Rihanna’s vocals to hold the song up and not make it a bust.

Farewell is a really  nice end to the record because it showcases Rihanna’s voice instead of some insane beats that I couldn’t keep up with if I tried. It’s nice to hear a beautiful, slowed down song.

I was a bit nervous before I listened to this album myself, but it’s a pretty solid one and a few of the tracks will probably go into my car-concert rotations.
Key Tracks:
Drunk On Love (track 8)
Talk That Talk (track 4)
Farewell (track 11)

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2 thoughts on “Rihanna: Talk that Talk

  1. angel says:

    It’s a really nice album, but it kinda reminds me of Rated R, which was my least favorite album. Drunk on Love is one of my favorites, but it’s 4 songs on this album I do not like, any song that kinda had that Rated R kinda attitudish dark kinda mood I don’t like. I think that Good Girl Gone Bad and Loud were her best albums and I will probably be listening to Loud more than this album. I was very excited about getting this album, and even though I’m not too happy with it, I will buy the next one because to me she is a great artist. Way too much sex on this album, kinda went overboard to me.

  2. It reminds me of Rated R, too! It’s definitely not my favorite of hers (that goes to Good Girl Gone Bad), but it’s better than the reviews I was reading, so I was glad about that. I agree with you about the sex, too.

    Thank you so much for the comment and for reading!

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