Michael Jackson: Immortal

It’s absolutely no secret to anyone that comes in contact with me that I’m a huge Michael Jackson fan. Since he passed, I’ve been quite weary of some of the things that have been coming out (not that this has stopped me from dropping hundreds of bucks on the stuff). One of those things was the Immortal soundtrack that they’ve just released. No part of the Cirque du Soeil show made me weary – nothing at all – just the releasing of this soundtrack. But I’m going to take a listen to the remixes and remasters.

Workin Day And Night will never ever fail to make me dance. This version is no different.

The Immortal Intro is enough to solidify my desire to see this show – and that may or may not be because it starts out with my favorite song, Remember the Time. There are some nice things from other songs mixed into this – spatterings from Smooth Criminal, yells from Bad, a peek at the past with Jackson 5 things. This would be a beautiful entrance to the show – and that’s only based off of me hearing it.

Childhood is gorgeous the way they’ve overlayed some of Michael’s commentary into the music. This song is one of those things I wish everyone would take a listen to before they laid judgement on Michael as a human being. It does so much explaining and I love having his voice in it, fueling that flame.

I’m pretty surprised at the lack of effects given to Smooth Criminal. Maybe the people doing the remastering figured it was pretty perfect in the first place so they didn’t have to change it as much? I’m not sure. When I first saw the track list, I figured this would be one of the ones to have the most editing done to it since it’s such a fantastic song and could have a lot to play out on stage in a show like this.

By far my favorite edit on the entire album is Dangerous. Not only is this a great song to begin with, it’s taken on a whirlwind on the Immortal album. I love how they use clips from one of my favorite performances in it – specifically the shouting of “Dangerous!” near the middle. If you don’t know that performance, you should probably look it up (it’s the 1995 performance from the MTV VMA’s). And it never ever hurts any song to have the voice overs from In The Closet mixed in, am I right?

Speechless and Human Nature are such perfect songs to go hand-in-hand. The flow from one to another is so seamless.

I was happy to see Is It Scary and Threatened on the mash-up list, too. These are songs that I don’t feel get enough love – especially Threatened since it was on Invincible, but that’s another post entirely. The point is this mash up is really, really awesome and makes me want to stand up and start singing at the top of my lungs, especially when the chorus if Is It Scary kicks in.

Taking those two songs and leading them in to Thriller is pure genius. Then taking Thriller and having only Michael’s voice in the beginning is beautiful. I can’t get over this version. It gave me chill bumps and I’ve been a fan all my life. Only Michael can still give me chill bumps after 22 years.

Surprising, but absolutely wonderful, is the transition in the second verse of I Just Can’t Stop Loving You from English to Spanish. I know what’s being said only because I know the song, but it’s beautiful hearing Michael sing in Spanish. The mixture of You Are Not Alone and I Just Can’t Stop Loving You is also pleasing to my ear drums.

Planet Earth/Earth Song is beautiful with Michael reciting his poem in the beginning. Probably not the most profound thing they could’ve done with the song – especially since this recorded poem was released on this This Is It soundtrack – but it works either way.

In terms of editing or remastering, whatever you want to technically call it, I would say They Don’t Care About Us takes the award home. The music is enhanced with militaristic drum beats and is very strong, in music and in message. It would be my guess that this would be one of the more powerful tracks to the show.

The Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black or White is on a ridiculous level of good. I could never have imagined these songs together in one – especially with chants of Michael! Michael! Michael! going on in the background(and inside my head). This song is mind blowing.

I was really skeptical of this album and after a few listens – yes, a few – I’m nothing but pleased with the entire outcome that is this beautiful remastering of some great songs. The Immortal Tour will be making its way near me next year and I definitely want to go after hearing all of this. Don’t waste any time grabbing a copy of this – even if you think it’s just another remix album.
Key Tracks:
Dangerous (track 8)
Thriller (track 12)
Immortal Megamix: Can You Feel It/Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough/Billie Jean/Black or White (track 19)

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