Transit: Listen & Forgive

After the holidays (hope you all had great ones!), I ended up having some headphone mishaps. I literally just bought some new ones, brand will remain unnamed, and they broke last night. Needless to say, the speakers on my laptop are completely terrible, so I need headphones to help myself out a bit, especially when writing for the blog. I had to make an emergency trip into the land of the living today to retrieve a pair. Tonight we’re going to listen to Listen & Forgive from the Boston pop-punk band Transit.

The band has a nice sound that is lightly familiar, though I can’t quite place it. Maybe New Found Glory mixed with Bouncing Souls? The first song is less than overwhelming, though I love the second track, Long Lost Friends. This is a moderate tempo song with some decent lyrics factored in.

The song that catches me the most off the first of the record isn’t until the third track, Listen & Forgive. I was getting ready to start listening and I was making sure to look the band up on Google so I could get some background information and do a little name dropping, and when I saw they were labeled a pop-punk band, I admit, I expected something different. This band has a more relaxed feel – like pop-punk on some downer medication. Joe Boynton slams it with vocals – he has the voice that could front a classic punk band and would be successful.

All Your Heart kills it in the lyrical department: You made me into a monster, so I made you into art and I gave it to the world to rip and tear apart. Strangely enough, some backing vocals sound a bit like Fall Out Boy in this song – but back when Fall Out Boy was really good.

Skipping Stone is a turned down song with some really nice acoustic guitars going on in the background. So far, the guitars have been nothing to write home about, but they’re made good use of in this song. I’m beginning to develop a major soft spot for acoustic songs.

Over Your Head is possibly the best sounding song on the album in terms of musical composition (which clearly I’m no expert at, I just know when my ears like something). The beats are a little off from what you might expect and instead of being turned off by it, it perks my ears up.

This probably wasn’t the best album I’ve ever listened to, but there were some pretty solid points. I’m fairly confident in saying I will be listening to this again.
Key Tracks:
Over Your Head (track 11)
All Your Heart (track 4)
Skipping Stone (track 7)

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One thought on “Transit: Listen & Forgive

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