Punk Goes Pop: Volume 4

By far some of my favorite compilation albums are the Punk Goes… series. Something fascinates me about hearing such classic songs of every genre turned out by some popular rock bands – even though every album I know less and less of the bands. This new album features bands like Pierce The Veil, A Skylit Drive, Silverstein, and ten others that you all probably know a bit better than me. Some of the artists they’re covering include Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Adele and Taylor Swift. Sound good? I thought so.

The album kicks off with Pierce the Veil covering Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars. Something about Bruno is so alluring and amazing, and Pierce the Veil does a great job turning up the bass on this song. I can get behind this version.

I love covers of Katy Perry songs, most of the time more than I like the original songs. Woe Is Me takes over Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.), the song gets a metal makeover and it is absolutely glorious.

Even though Adele does a bang up job on Rolling In The Deep, this song sounds great with some hard drums in the background. Go Radio makes this happen with a really convincing version of this popular track.

Most of the time (okay 110% of the time) I’m a total sucker for any Taylor Swift song. For All Those Sleeping takes it to another level on this cover of You Belong With Me. And by “another level” I do indeed mean one in which most of the time I can’t decipher the lyrics even though I know this song by heart and could sing it in my sleep. Some times, the vocals are relaxed and are actually sung. But at other times, the screaming is a bit much. Leave out the screaming and this would’ve been a super cute cover – yes, even including the changed up lyrics, including something about “he’s banging her under the bleachers.”

Love The Way You Lie is such a strange choice for a cover song. While you may be thinking that MOST of these are strange choices for rock bands to be covering, this one just does not work. Instead of rapping, there’s some wild screaming from A Skylit Drive. I was so proud of myself for knowing this band and this is just not a good track in any way.

By far, the song I was looking forward to the most was the cover of Til The World Ends. This is my favorite song off Britney Spears’ newest album, and while I See Stars doesn’t quite reach BSpears status on this one, it’s still pretty awesome. They make it even more fun by adding a bit of Nicki Minaj’s rap from the Remix. I will jam to this song on more than one occasion.

Silverstein’s version of Runaway by Kanye West is also pretty solid, especially for the original being a rap track.

The Downtown Fiction has so much fun with Super Bass that I can feel it through the song and it makes me want to have fun, too. It’s probably a good thing my webcam doesn’t have hidden talents able to record me because I was definitely doing some stupid dance during this song.

All in all, I’ve written too much about this album when I could sum it up in a few words: please just listen to this and let it be your guilty pleasure.
Key Tracks:
Til The World Ends (track 11)
Super Bass (track 13)
Last Friday Night (track 3)

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