Hot Chelle Rae: Whatever

My mother and I have such differing views on what is attractive in a man. When we were watching the Tonight Show last week and Hot Chelle Rae was on, we were arguing over who was the most attractive member of the band. All attractiveness aside, I dug what I heard from the band as they performed I Like It Like That and decided to investigate further, thus we’re going to have a listen to their new album, Whatever.

I can’t decide if I’ve actually heard Tonight Tonight or if it’s just that catchy breed of song that just feels familiar no matter what.

Keep You With Me is less about new-wave pop-punk-electronic and is just a nice song that I can get into.

Forever Unstoppable has such adorable lyrics: You can take my heart if yours won’t beat, we’re forever unstoppable.

I can never exactly decide how I feel about Demi Lovato, and her appearance on Why Don’t You Love Me does nothing to decide her fate in my heart. Sometimes it sounds okay, and sometimes I just want her to shut up.

Beautiful Freaks would be a wonderful party song. Or I could just maintain having a party in my room by myself.

Wrapping up the album is The Only One, by far the most beautiful song on the album in every aspect – lyrically, musically, songs I want sung if I were to get married tomorrow which is never going to happen. The band has some really great dancy songs, but this is just flat out adorable.

This band has such a laid back, fun feel to their music that will go into my normal rotation. They’re something you’d want to turn on if it had been a long day and you just needed a perfect soundtrack to spacing out. And the lead singer is still the most attractive.
Key Tracks:
The Only One (track 11)
I Like It Like That (track 1)
Keep You With Me (track 4)

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