Mando Diao: Give Me Fire

I was going to do some more Christmas music posts, especially considering that it’s now actually December so I don’t look like a loon for listening to so much Christmas music, but I’ve had an overload. They finally switched it over to a radio station that plays all Christmas music at work and I’ve had two weeks of it now, so when I’m not at work, I’m not really fancying listening to Christmas tunes. I’m going to go in another direction tonight and listen to some good rock in the form of Give Me Fire by Mando Diao.

I enjoyed this band a few years ago, but haven’ t listened to them much since then. I always seem to really enjoy rock bands that come out of the European region and this band is no exception. I suppose you would call it alternative rock, but an alternative to what? It’s well played music with some vocals that sound like they could’ve been popular in the 70s.

The music has such great qualities to it without really going out on a weird limb. You can tell the band prides themselves on their musicianship by the way the songs come off. The second song, Dance With Somebody, has great progressions from slow to fast when the chorus hits. Considering the lyrics are saying I’m gonna dance with somebody, it’s nice to hear the music speed up so you can sway along.

Gloria is a brilliant song on all kinds of levels – the music reminds me a bit of Muse in this one – it’s huge and fantastical and all over the place, but it’s controlled – if that even makes sense. Best track on the album is right here.

Give Me Fire really reminds me of LostAlone (who you should check out if you don’t know em, they’re fantastic) and I like it like it.

The band shows a lighter, more fun-filled side two songs in a row with Come On Come On and Go Out Tonight. Even though the rest of the songs are great, it’s nice to have a break in the seriousness once in a while.

From some general reading on Wikipedia, it looks as though this band is more popular in other countries than the good ole US of A, which is saddening because of their talent level. You should probably have a listen to this group before your day is up, wherever you are.
Key Tracks:
Gloria (track 3)
Give Me Fire (track 8)
High Heels (track 4)

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