Freelance Whales: Weathervanes

You guys know how I said I thought I had a lot of Christian rock? I think I might have more indie rock hidden in the corners of my iTunes and all this blogging and listening is making me realize this. I have no idea where the album of today came from – I’m not even going to try to explain it, but I will say you will probably recognize em if you watch television at all. We’re listening to the debut album from Freelance Whales!

This band has a lot of cool little tidbits I could drop here and there throughout this, but we’re going to start with one that explains how you’ll know this band. The first track off the album, Generator 1st Floor, has been featured on a Twitter video, a spot by NBC for the fourth season of their show Chuck and the fourth season premiere episode, AND on a commercial for the Chevy Volt. Listen to just a few seconds of this song and you’ll realize you’ve already subconsciously decided to like them thanks to television.

Location has a really great sound to it with all kinds of instruments intermingling in the background. I would like to take this chance and give it up to just about every member of this band who is listed on their Wikipedia page as playing so many instruments that I’m not even going to count them. Besides the normal vocals, guitars, bass and drums, this band boasts the talent of playing banjo, synthesizer, harmonium, glockenspiel, and mandolin. I don’t even know what a glockenspiel is.

The lyrics are something I haven’t really mentioned, but they’re so beautifully crafted and not quite as obvious as some other lyrics may tend to be. In We Could Be Friends, they go a little like this: I’m convinced that we should be friends, we compare our hearts to things that fly, but cannot land. Please don’t put your face into your hands, we could be friends. Now could be a good time to mention that one of the members of this band, Chuck Criss, is indeed the brother of Darren Criss, of Glee and StarKid fame. So much musical talent in one family!

I kind of get an Iron & Wine meet Fireflies out of this band, with a lot more interesting instruments. It’s intriguing music and I don’t hear much that sounds like this. And this is their debut album. Think about that for a second.
Key Tracks:
Location (track 3)
The Great Estates (track 13)
Hannah (track 2)

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