Chase This City: All That’s On Your Mind

How many times have you been browsing in a book store or a library and had  a cover or a book title catch your eye solely on wording or visual aesthetics alone? Many times, am I right? This happens to me all the time, but not only with books or magazines. I’m this way with bands and musicians. If you have a cool name – or at least something that will hold my attention for five seconds – I’m probably going to at least listen to one song. I had this happen a few days ago when I discovered the album All That’s On Your Mind by Chase This City. The name sounds cool doesn’t it? I’ll be listening to this tonight.

The first song, Intro/Every Dork Deserves His Day, comes off well enough, but is a little long for an opener. I feel like there’s a happy medium from a one minute intro to a five minute and thirty-three second intro like this song, especially when I’ve never heard the band before. The music is pretty good – but there’s something off about the vocals. The main vocals are pretty good, and suiting for the band, but I feel like there’s a backing vocal that definitely doesn’t need to go there. It doesn’t blend as well as it could. It’d sound better if it was just cut out.

Love, As You Are Leaving is a much better introduction to the band. This is some pretty good pop-punk going on. The lyrics are on point, the vocals really fit with the guitars, and there is some really great drumming happening. Rad song title adds a point or two to the coolness scale.

The beginning of The Stateline almost reminds me of an older Taking Back Sunday jam. This song is a bit slower than the other two on the album so far. I like the lyrics on this one, too. Before I fall asleep, you’re the last thing I see. Awwh.

The Sound of Separation will most likely end up being my favorite on the album. It’s a pretty upbeat toe-tapper of really fun proportions. I can dig this.

The album wraps up with the barely slowed down and enticing Stay. The band really cranks it out in the latter part of this album and are able to churn out a really great EP. I’ll be curious to see where these guys go. Check out a smaller band and show em some love on Twitter or Facebook.
Key Tracks:
The Sound of Separation (track 4)
The Kids That Never Gave Up (track 5)
Stay (track 6)

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