Gym Class Heroes: The Papercut Chronicles II

I’ve never truly sat down to listen to Gym Class Heroes. I’ve seen their career evolve, I’ve watched the Katy Perry drama unfold, I’ve seen some of their performances on television, but I’ve never consciously sat down and listened to them. I was watching one of the endless late night talk shows the other night and they were on performing yet another song that I fancied. I made a mental note to listen to them, so here we go, guys. The album of the night is The Papercut Chronicles II from Gym Class Heroes.

The intro is a little trippy, but it flows into a strong first track in the form of Martyrial Girls. The trend of rapping over rock music that evolved into the mainstream a few years ago has always confused me. It’s not that I don’t like it, I guess I just wonder where it came from. It’s popular for the moment, and it’s definitely catchy for a little while, but it’s not something I would actively listen to. Gym Class Heroes seem to take it a bit more serious than some of the other bands I’ve heard.

If you haven’t heard Stereo Hearts (featuring Adam Levine), I have no idea where you’ve been for the past couple of months. I don’t listen to too much Top 40 radio, but I can sing along with this one. All things considered, this is a smart move in the form of a song. Having Adam Levine guest on the track is the first hit, but the lyrics being so clever and adorable make it a home run with bases loaded.

Repeatedly, I’ve been catching myself checking my iTunes to see if Eminem is guesting on a song. I never realized how much Travie sounded like him. The similarities come out pretty prominently in Solo Discotheque (Whiskey Bitness).

This band is actually really intriguing. Their lyrics are catchy, witty, clever and memorable. The instrumentation in Holy Horseshit, Batman sounds like a mash-up of a really great rock song with some good solos happening and a rap artist dropping beats. It’s such a strange concept, but it absolutely works.

Ass Back Home (featuring Neon Hitch) was the song they performed on Jimmy Fallon recently. This may be one of the best songs on the album. Neon Hitch adds something special to the song and it makes you want to dance.

Kid Nothing And Never Ending Naked Nightmare is an interesting end to the album. It’s a bit rougher than the rest of the album and sounds more like a rap song than any of the other tracks. I also enjoy the echoes that sound like a great screamo band of the past.

This is a pretty rad album, one that definitely interests me in this band. I’m going to listen to their other albums after this run through. If you’re a bit leery of the band because of the genre, drop your expectations and give it a try. You never know – you just may enjoy it as much as I did.


Key Tracks:
Ass Back Home (track 7)
Solo Discotheque (Whiskey Bitness) (track 5)
Kid Nothing And Never Ending Naked Nightmare (track 11)

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