Into It. Over It.: Proper

Sometimes I can plan out post openings in my head when I’m choosing what I’m going to listen to and sometimes I have absolutely nothing to go by. I know very little about today’s band – besides the fact that I liked what I heard when I scoped them on Spotify – so we’ll just learn together. Tonight’s album is Proper by Into It. Over It.

My iTunes automatically decided what genre the band was when I loaded their album in. They come up as “Indie” but I’m not so sure that’s accurate. They describe themselves as Indie/Emo on Facebook. From what I can understand, this band is based around one guy (Evan Thomas Weiss) with help from a lot of musician friends to form this band. Whatever the arrangement is, I like what’s happening in the first three tracks. It’s some blend of rock and good news to my ear drums. Right off the bat, it vaguely reminds me of The Juliana Theory.

Though acting like more of an interlude, No Good Before Noon is a beautiful break from the longer tracks, acting kind of like that fancy mint ice cream you see given to people in movies between courses to cleanse their pallets. You know what I mean. See The Princess Diaries if you don’t.

Write It Right sounds exactly like something that would be in my iTunes. The music is beautiful, a good happy medium of the rock genre, with lyrics that make me stop what I’m doing in order to really listen.

The good lyric hits keep coming in Midnight: Carrol Street. I’m searching for the solice to call you out – to call you at all. This is hands down one of the best tracks on the album. There’s a nice break down in the middle that startled my foot as it was getting into the rhythm and tapping along to the beat.

Connecticut Steps is equally beautiful in different ways. The track is slowed down and beautiful on so many levels that I will be listening to this one more than once.

This album wraps up with the acoustic The Frames That Used To Greet Me. I can’t say enough good things about this album or this song. The lyrics are so beautiful, the music is on point and clearly done by people who know what they’re doing, and it held my full attention the entire way through the album. This is one that I’ll be putting into my regular rotation because this hits the spot right here. Check this out as soon as you get through with this post.


Key Tracks:
Write it Right (track 5)
Midnight: Carrol Street (track 6)
The Frames That Used To Greet Me (track 12)

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