Lady Gaga: A Very Gaga Holiday (Live)

My mother absolutely adores Lady Gaga. I’m not sure where it came from or how it even got started, but one day I was asking her to watch the Telephone video and the next thing I know, she’s watching all kinds of Gaga videos on YouTube. Regardless, I’m kept up to date with Gaga-ongoings whether or not I like it – so I just learn to like it. A Very Gaga Holiday ended up on my iTunes this way.

White Christmas kicks off the short EP with Gaga’s usual flare. This Christmas classic is transformed into a jazzy rendition that will keep you on your toes no matter how many times you’ve heard this song over the years. She breaks in the middle of the song to say she’s adding another verse because the song is just too short for her liking and the new verse fits in nicely with the song with talk about snowmen and Santa.

I love things that are recorded live because you get all of the crowd interaction in between the songs (if you’re real lucky, that is). This EP is no different with Gaga’s commentary between songs. Her charming personality preludes Orange Colored Sky. Her vocals shine in this song and make me wish people would cool it with all the talk about her apperance or dramatics and just focus on her beautiful voice. The trumpet in the background wraps her voice up and tucks it to bed in the backing of this track beautifully. She should definitely do more with horns.

The live EP continues with two of Gaga’s singles from her latest album, Born This Way. You and I comes first and Gaga’s voice sounds beautiful over the piano. Again, the horns come out in full glory and give something extra to Gaga’s voice – like that extra dash of vanilla you throw in when you’re baking cookies.

The Edge of Glory wraps things up with Gaga’s explanations of how she wrote the song for her grandfather and how it’s the second Thanksgiving she has spent without him. Since Born This Way came out, The Edge of Glory has been that one song that has stood out above every single other track. This live rendition is no different and Gaga’s voice sounds phenomenal.


Key Tracks:
The Edge of Glory (track 4)
White Christmas (track 1)

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