The Downtown Fiction: Let’s Be Animals

When I listened to Punk Goes Pop Volume 4 not too long ago, there were a lot of bands that were brand new to me on the track listing. Some I’ve checked out, and some I’m still on my way to checking out. One that I’ve come across that’s worth mentioning is the band behind tonight’s album – it’s Let’s Be Animals by The Downtown Fiction (if you forgot, they covered Super Bass on Punk Goes Pop).

When a band makes you laugh before you’re a minute into a song, it’s probably for one of two reasons: their sheer horrificness as musicians or some witty lyrics. TDF get at you with the latter of those two options in the first track, Thanks For Nothing, with some hilarious lyrics in the form of thanks for nothing, kiss my ass.

The second track, Freak, is just a great straight-forward punk-pop song. Though it didn’t make me laugh, it did make me nod my head and tap my toes. Apparently these guys are some hometown folk – they’re from Fairfax, Virginia, which means they’re from a place about five hours away from me. Virginia really is for lovers, you know.

I Just Wanna Run begins with some slower guitar strumming and some nice vocals from Cameron Leahy. This song has a great beat and is slower than the other tracks on the album, giving you time and space to really enjoy the music that this band is putting out there.

She Knows starts off like such a great pop-punk song and keeps the energy going well into the verse and bursts again when the chorus hits. This is one of the best tracks on the album.

Alibi is a little more hard rock – well, as hard rock as a pop-punk band can get. This sound works for the band, though, as they rip through some angry lyrics and some synchronized shouting. The vibe keeps going with Tell Me A Lie and it nearly reminds me of Backstreet Boys with some heavy guitars behind them (you know – The Call-era). Whoever is writing the lyrics must’ve been burned pretty badly in a relationship. At least it made for some great songs, right guys?

The album wraps up with the beautiful, albeit slower, A Wonderful Surprise. The shift in the tone of the music and the lyrics is interesting, though. It also leaves me curious as to the back story of the last three songs – and whether the inspiration for this track was before or after the lies happened.

This is a pretty satisfying album from a band that hits close to home – literally. I thought their cover of Super Bass was adorable – but their album is definitely worthwhile.


Key Tracks:
She Knows (track 5)
I Just Wanna Run (track 4)
A Wonderful Surprise (track 10)

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