Kids in Glass Houses: Smart Casual

Here goes another “K” entry into the record books. I don’t know too much about tonight’s band, other than what I’ve just now read – they’re a band from Cardiff who gained a good amount of attention in magazines like Kerrang! and NME before they signed to Roadrunner Records. The band name was also inspired by a Glassjaw song, so you know they’re starting off on the right foot with that one. Tonight we’re diving into Smart Casual by Kids in Glass Houses.

The first song is almost bland and passes by without anything to grab a hold of your ear lobes to keep them attached to headphones. I thought I was in for a long forty minutes of music until the second track, Easy Tiger, comes in. This is an upbeat rock track that is both musically dynamic and something you could just tap your foot to. I feel like this would also be a really fun song to sing along to with all the doo-do-do-do-do-do-doo‘s going on.

The lyrics and guitars grab you instantly in Give Me What I Want. The guitars are spot on and carry the song until the rest of the instruments kick in about thirty seconds into the song. The song then throws itself into another great upbeat track.

When I was reading their Wikipedia article, I scoffed a little when I read that Ian Watkins (of Lostprophets) said that they were a lot better than well known bands out there. I didn’t believe this band could be quite that good until I got to Lovely Bones and the realization hit: Ian Watkins wasn’t lying.

Good Boys Gone Rad is not only the coolest song title on the entire album, it’s top two best songs on the disc. This band just keeps on ripping through this album – and this was their first full-length release. I really can’t believe it.

I’m so impressed with this album – and twelve songs later, I still can’t believe it was their first full-length release. I’m going to be sure to check out the two other albums they have out that have come after this – and I’ll be holding them to high standards after this one. This is a must hear – so what are you waiting for?


Key Tracks:
Lovely Bones (track 5)
Good Boys Gone Rad (track 8)
Church Tongue (track 12)

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