Dirt Poor Robins: The Cage

When someone recommends me a female-fronted rock band, I’m eager to give them a spin. There is such a lack of female fronted bands in rock now that it’s almost sad. I saw a blurb about Dirt Poor Robins around the internet one day and I decided to check out what they had to offer on their latest album, The Cage.

I turned the music on before I began my band-investigation and immediately an Evanescence and Heart combination come to mind when Kate Robins opens her mouth and begins singing. The idea of that mix seems so odd, but works out really nicely. Eleanor Rigby and The Hollywood Song open the album with a positive first impression of the band. The vocals are enjoyable and the instrumentation is impressive.

This band is particularly interesting background wise. Kate and Neil Robins make up the band – a married couple from Louisville, Kentucky. Both began their musical journeys very early in life and came together when they were cast opposite each other as leads in an off Broadway play. It says on their official website that Neil thought he ‘needed that voice to sing with him forever’ when he heard her sing. Neil is nothing to brush off -he plays eight instruments and played 95% of the music on this album himself.

Neil takes more vocal roles in Great Vacation and it’s a lovely slower swaying song. Their voices intertwine so nicely.

My favorite track on the album is Rise Up. As the song continues on, it seems to pick up both more instruments and changes in tempo. The church-like chanting is fascinating, and Kate’s voice sounds like a controlled Amy Lee.

The album wraps up with the beautiful When All Is Said And Done. This is an upbeat and whimsical ending track with beautiful dancing guitars behind the Robins’ voices. I’m quite impressed with this band who seems to have a lot less attention than they should be receiving – especially for a band with this much talent. This album is definitely going on my To-Recommend list and you should definitely check this band out somewhere on the interwebz – Facebook or official site or something. Do it.


Key Tracks:
Rise Up (track 7)
When All Is Said and Done (track 10)
Elanor Rigby (track 1)

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