Latin for Truth: Youth Crew Blues

Here comes another wonderful band I discovered on the aforementioned Tumblr page. This band has a very different feel – and I don’t know if I’d even completely classify them under the pop-punk category that the blog pinpoints. This is a little punk-pop mixed with an Every Time I Die strength. We’re going to listen to Youth Crew Blues from Latin for Truth.

The ETID resemblance started  for me in the first song on the album, Cool Hand Chuck. In the second track, Forever, Down to the Filter, I get less of the Keith Buckley-ish vocals, but the same type of intensity. The guitars are the shining star in this song, brought to you by Charles Hastings (who also does lead vocals) and Zack Venable. The lyrics – intelligent, clever, and stabbing you in the heart – are also reminiscent of ETID. These guys mean business.

Paul Malls (Jake’s Song) will end up being one of my favorites. This is a good rock song with a great rolling beats, some lyrics you can sing to and some moments with a bit of screaming.

I have a feeling Leader of the Ratz and The Children would be a fun song to see live. It has a super up beat tempo and has choruses that would be like throwing a match at a can of gasoline in the middle of a live show.

A Wino’s Love: The Lonesome, Desolate 20’s is not only a really great song with some good punk-rock melodies, but the lyrics are spot on and the title of the song is something that’s going to stick out and stay in your mind. I’ll never understand why musicians want to give such generic song titles. Step it up!

The title track sets the stage much differently – it starts out with a recording of a guy talking about what “youth crew blues” means, and it’s a rather emotional spill. The song then goes on to be a beautiful, uplifting song about staying positive and sticking with it – something that would be good to listen to when you’re feeling down besides, you know, sad songs. Though it’s the longest song on the album (five minutes, fifty-six seconds), it’s the best one on the record. I love it. This one song is what I would recommend to someone if they didn’t know this band.

Latin for Truth wrap the album up nicely with the slower Author of Everything that has the twenty-year-old-questioning-everything vibe that I think we all know too well.

The last two songs are so strong and wrap up a really good album. I’m bummed to see it end. This band is something to check out if you’re a fan of Every Time I Die especially. Like I said – check out the title track first before you hit up something else. Then listen to the first couple of songs on the album and you’ll see my connection to ETID, I promise. Strong album, another band to keep a good eye on.



Key Tracks:
Youth Crew Blues (track 10)
Paul Mall’s (Jake’s Song) (track 4)
Shithead Prose (track 6)

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