Jason Aldean: Jason Aldean

Before this turns into a purely pop-punk appreciation blog, I’m going to take things into the other direction (at least for the night). I was listening to a little country today on the radio on my way to work, so I figured I could do a little country to shake things up.

I have Jason Aldean’s self titled album laying around because of his song Hicktown, the first song on this album. I heard it on CMT one day and laughed so hard that I had to hear more. Obviously I failed at that because I don’t know how long ago that was and I haven’t bothered listening the album. The song is still purely hilarious and reminds me of Blake Shelton’s Hillbilly Bone.

Why is a slow track, kind of stereotypical for country music. You know the drill – someone’s baby has left them, how can I get her back, etc. Aldean has more of a polished sound to his country music than many people and it almost borders Taylor Swift’s brand of country music.

The same trend continues in Even If I Wanted To. I guess I should’ve seen that coming with the song title, eh?

Lonesome USA picks up the pace, but is still about losing your love.

You’re the Love I Wanna Be In isn’t as sad as the past few, but it takes things to the complete opposite spectrum. Instead of being bummed about the relationship he’s in, this one is about longing to be with someone who is apparently super special. At least this one isn’t sad.

Finally a good song smacks you in the face. The uplifting, lovely Good to Go is the best song on the record yet. It’s about being content with what you have in life (which is the opposite of everything else on the album). It is a little strange, though, that the first part of the song starts off talking about seeing a funeral procession. Alright.

For a country album of this day and age, this is on the bland scale – and this is taking all of today’s country into consideration. Besides Hicktown, I don’t see myself listening to many of these songs more than once now that they have play counts next to them. Next!


Key Tracks
Hicktown (track 1)
Good to Go (track 9)

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