So Many Ways: So Many Ways EP

I’m really attempting to not completely overthrow the blog with all the new pop-punk I’ve acquired recently. I said this wouldn’t be a blog dedicated to a certain genre and I intend to stick to that. Since I’m writing this a little late tonight, I’m going to roll with a shorter EP in the form of the “pop punk thrash” genre. I’m not sure what that exactly means either, but it’s what So Many Ways classifies themselves as on their Facebook. We’re going to dig into their self-titled EP tonight!

The album starts off in the right way, proving the “thrash” added on to the end of pop-punk is very worthy and self explanatory once you hear a few beats. The volume of this band is off the charts as they rip into Take It To The Limit, an instrumental opener, and then the following I’ve Made A Huge Mistake.

When I first heard the band, I took a listen to Sleep Mask, and even on this run-through of their album, it’s my favorite. The thrash side isn’t as prevalent, but all of the instrumentation glory that you would expect from a punk band is there. The lyrics remind me of some clever ones from bands like Four Year Strong. You’re a disease and I can’t get over it. I am moved to turning the volume up on this track. It’s a must hear.

Murf’s Life Hints kicks things back up into high gear and the band dives headfirst back into the heavy metal lava pit. The mix of pop punk and metal from this band is a really interesting combination. It may sound strange to the passerby, but once you really get into this EP, you’ll find that it makes perfect sense to the members of this band. They have all the science figured out and they’ll make you a believer.

The guitar work absolutely means business on 37 Chambers. This song so perfectly blends the pop punk with the thrash/metal side of this band. Most of the song is done with the metal side of things, but the sickly sweet pop punk side comes out during the choruses, making for an interesting juxtaposition within one four minute and eight second song.

The EP wraps up with Dirtfoot, a song that kicks in with some group vocals. You wrote the book on disappointment, satisfied with a life so tormented. Group vocals are always interesting, but especially when they’re angsty group vocals.

This is a really solid EP from a band who doesn’t sound exactly like any other band that you’re going to hear these days. This band blends two genres of music who always seem to be slightly off track with each other, but So Many Ways definitely makes it work. Not only are there great things happening musically, but the lyrics on this album are something to pay attention to. This is a band I would certainly recommend and a band I look forward to hearing more from. You should probably go listen to Sleep Mask now, I’m just sayin.


Key Tracks:
Sleep Mask (track 3)
Dirtfoot (track 7)
37 Chambers (track 6)

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