Jessie J: Who You Are

As I was thinking during my lunch break today, I realized I hadn’t reviewed much pop music lately (yes, I think about these things actively and during my lunch breaks). I flipped on some Top 40 radio on my way home from work today and heard a song from Jessie J. For the most part, I’ve avoided her music up until this point. There are far too many female copy cat pop “artists” out there right now, but the song I heard on the radio was pretty decent. I figured a good, solid listen was in order – and it’s only fair, really, to form a solid opinion.

I believe Price Tag is what I heard on the radio. The chorus is quite catchy, but the lyrics are a little iffy. The guest appearance from B.o.B. was a decent addition. I don’t believe he will ever top the collaboration he did with Hayley Williams, but that’s okay. Jessie’s voice is strong – a mixture of Christina Aguleria and Ke$ha.

Nobody’s Perfect is a stronger track – it’s less fluffy and more serious. The lyrics are much better than the first track and Jessie’s vocals are allowed to shine on this one. Some of her runs remind me vaguely of Mariah Carey.

Doing the unthinkable, a live track is included right in the middle of this album. Big White Room features nothing but an acoustic guitar and Jessie’s voice. For a live track on an album with only vocals and a guitar, this girl deserves a round of applause. The song is largely successful on top of everything.

Sadly enough, the first song I was actually excited to listen to is the single Who’s Laughing Now. This is an upbeat track with some interesting beats and decent lyrics (even though it’s about being bullied as a child, etc).

Another song that rises above the others is I Need This – less of a dance track, not really a “slow” song, but a pleasant mix of both. There’s clean music and crisp vocals in this one and it’s relaxing to hear something that isn’t all over the place vocally.

Domino, which I now realize I have also heard, is probably the strongest of the singles and a very smart choice for a single at that. It combines everything that is good about this album into one song.

LaserLight comes in and offers some condolences to the other songs on the album. Though this is the ender of a sixteen track album, it’s really one of the better tracks on the album. It also kind of reminds me of a better reproduction of Katy Perry’s Firework.

While I have to give the girl some credit where credit is due, this isn’t an album I’m going to be listening to regularly. There are a few good tracks that I would listen to again – but overall, this is not my cup of tea. Some of the songs are way too long and seem to go on forever with no end in sight and sometimes Jessie’s form of scat-ish beatboxing gets old. The girl does have a good voice on her, I will say that much.


Key Tracks:
Domino (track 14)
LaserLight (track 16)
Who’s Laughing Now (track 7)

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