Miranda Lambert: Four the Record

The first time Miss Miranda Lambert caught my eye, she had hold of a pink gun in the pages of Rolling Stone. I thought she was fascinating after I read the article and then I was hooked once I heard her music. Her voice is so unique that it stands out in the sea of women making country music. And one of the greatest thing about Miranda is that she doesn’t make that typical country-pop that is so prevalent now. There are real country instruments being used in her music – and not just for a show. I’ve waited too long to listen to Four the Record.

The first track, All Kinds of Kinds, features Miranda’s lovely voice laid over guitars and banjos and is as good as I would expect her to be on her fourth studio record. Her music is so relatable – and not in the normal country sense. I connected with her when I heard The House that Built Me and I’ve been a huge fan since.

Safe reflects her hubby Blake Shelton’s romantics in his track Honey Bee. Though not quite as silly and carefree, Safe is as sweet, mid-tempo song that makes you smile. You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the whole wide world, I wanna hold you like a handful of diamonds and pearls that I guard with my life or die tryin. I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you safe.

The sassy Miranda that everyone has come to know and love is back and better than ever in Mamas Broken Heart. Strong lyrics over mean guitars and drums tell the tale of a breakup and a mother’s point-of-view on the daughter’s actions as she’s coping. Go and fix your makeup girl, it’s just a breakup. Run and hide your crazy and start acting like a lady cause I raised you better, gotta keep it together even when you fall apart. Her vocals sound stronger than ever on this routy track.

Slowing it down and turning it around, Over You comes up with a different tone. This isn’t a take charge song, it isn’t a lovey dovey song. One could argue that it’s  a love song – but it’s not a happy one. Cause you went away, how dare you. I miss you. They say I’ll be okay, but I’m not going to ever get over you. Even with the sadder side of love, Miranda’s voice sounds beautiful as it rides the wave of this song.

Better in the Long Run is the best on the album as far as slower tracks go. Blake Shelton makes an appearance in this song and they’re just as great together musically as they seem to be in everyday life.

Miranda wraps up the album with the incredibly beautiful Oklahoma Sky. This is one of those songs that you just have to stop and devote all your attention to because it’s so pretty. There’s a slow guitar tinkering in the background while Miranda’s vocals shine yet again. I’m not going to lie, this one gave me chill bumps.

So many country artists today are taking country to a pop music level, and I’m so glad Miranda Lambert is one artist who hasn’t gone completely in that direction. Sure, some of her songs are more upbeat and dancey than old fashioned country music, but the twang in her voice (that’s natural) comes in and sweeps you away. This album is really solid and one of the best I’ve heard in a while. The music is strong, the lyrics are strong, the vocals are strong. And it’s something I’mgoing to keep listening to. You should, too.


Key Tracks
Better in the Long Run (track 12)
Mamas Broken Heart (track 5)
Baggage Claim (track 8)

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