The Wonder Years: Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing

When I saw the lineup for the Glamour Kills tour on a random Tumblr post, I realized there were quite a few bands on there that I had come to know (and love) from doing this blog. I’ve reviewed 4 out of the 6 bands that are on the tour (Polar Bear Club, Transit, A Loss for Words, and Into It. Over It.). I’ve been wishing I lived in a higher populated area – or that this tour would show some love to Charlotte, NC – but while I continue with that, I’m going to round up reviews of the entire lineup. I listened to a couple of songs by the headlining band today and realized they’re amazing. We’re going to tackle Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing by The Wonder Years!

The opening song, Came Out Swinging, is such a strong introduction to this band that I got chill bumps. This is such good pop-punk that I can barely handle it. The vocals, provided by Dan Campbell, are wonderful and some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. The instruments are slaying it in this first track and it does nothing but reel you in to the rest of the album. Way to make a first impression, guys.

My Life as a Pigeon is one of those songs that you can’t be still while it’s playing. The drums keep you amped up the entire song and I could contain myself and my movements the entire time the song was on.

This band seems to enjoy group lyrics and it comes out strong in Summers in PA. When done correctly, the shouting of lyrics can be pretty powerful. The Wonder Years do it right and I can only guess that songs like this would be amazing to participate in at a show.

Don’t Let Me Cave In is my favorite track on the album. The lyrics tell a story as they’re laid over music that makes you feel like everything in the universe is in line. The variations of tempo between different sections of the song keep you on your toes as the rest of this magic is being made.

And Now I’m Nothing wraps up the album in a lovely way. It’s not the quietest track on the album and it isn’t the loudest track on the album, but you’ll be surprised by the huge kick-in in the middle of the song as all the instruments surge together into the chorus. I’m not going to lie – I was hoping for one last round of group vocals before the track kicked out, but I guess I can forgive em.

I’m surprised that I’ve ended up liking this album as much as I have. Then again, this also makes me even more bummed that this tour isn’t coming near me. This is a strong pop-punk album – probably one of the strongest I’ve heard lately, which considering the amount of pop-punk I’ve been listening to is saying a lot. I also just realized that the band got clever with the title of the album by combining song titles from the album. How sweet. Go listen to this – it’s not going to disappoint you in any way, shape, or form.


Key Tracks:
Don’t Let Me Cave In (track 10)
Came Out Swinging (track 1)
Coffee Eyes (track 8)


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