Man Overboard: Man Overboard

When a band has tours that are entitled Pop Punk’s Not Dead and Pop Punk the Vote, it’s going to get noticed (especially by yours truly). Tonight’s band comes highly recommended by many people whose musical opinions I trust. I forgot I had this album sitting around until I was looking up some stuff about last night’s review of The Story So Far. Turns out these two bands just wrapped up a tour together. Who wouldda thunk it? We’re going to have a listen to Man Overboard’s self-titled disk.

The first track, Rare, is something that shows you out of the gate that this is a different band. There is so much movement and so many shifts in the music and tempo that I can respect as a public school flutist. These transgressions make you slightly uncomfortable to the point that you pay attention to what you’re listening to.

Voted Most Likely is my kind of song. Man Overboard’s vocals are pretty unique – they’re not as whiny as some other pop-punk bands that I’m a fan of. They sound more normal, and at times quiet, than many bands in their genre. Again, making you take notice. This track has a great chorus with a story line about awkward adolescent relationships that I’m sure some of us can relate to.

Building on the previous songs, Not the First comes along and blows me out of the water. The lyrics are strong, strangely hopeful, and every word has a purpose. There’s so much constant change musically in this song that my attention was held the entire duration.

Though it may be one of the slower tempoed songs on the album, Picture Perfect is one of the strongest tracks. The vocals are strong and don’t sound like they’re playing hide-and-seek with the guitars. The band keeps it fresh by slowing this song down a little, with just a tad of pick up during the choruses.

The album wraps up with the perfect outro in the form of Atlas. The guitars and drums in the background make this a song that actually feels like an ender. The lyrics go along with the rest of the album and make me think maybe Man Overboard have been writing about my awkward existence on this album. I just don’t feel like a grownup yet, either.

If you’re looking for some good pop-punk to fill your time voids with, make your way over to Man Overboard. Clearly they’re supporters of the genre, and they have every right to be supporting/promoting it since they’re kicking out such good jams in the neighborhood.


Key Tracks
Picture Perfect (track 10)
Dead End Dreams (track 4)
Not the First (track 7)

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3 thoughts on “Man Overboard: Man Overboard

  1. lostaura says:

    I was just listening to their new music video a while ago. I emailed you, by the way.

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