Skrillex: Bangarang EP

My curiosity has finally gotten the best of me. Combined with repeatedly seeing it all over Tumblr and with one of my favorite people sending me a track via Spotify, I figured it was time to give in and just see what the fuss is all about with Skrillex (and I’ll try to limit my From First to Last commentary as I go through this, I promise).

I don’t normally listen to electronic music of any kind, so Right In was a shock to me. I’m not used to the severe lack of lyrics and choral breakdowns. Every time a voice started in this song, I felt myself longing for a verse or two of vocals. Despite the lack of singing, I did find myself rocking back and forth to the beat. Involuntary, but it happened.

Bangarang sounds like something that could be played during halftime or during commentary breaks at a basketball game.

Breakn A Sweat is the first song that I enjoy on the EP and I don’t know if I can express why I like it in words. The beats are good, there are some “breakdowns” that almost feel like choruses. I don’t understand this genre of music, and I’m not going to pretend to, but I’m confused as to why seemingly random tidbits of spoken word are incorporated into the beats every now and then. This song seems to have more than the other tracks and while some work with the song (like repeating the name), I’m left scratching my head with others.

Six songs in and I still don’t really understand what’s happening, but in the middle of Kyoto when someone goes “Yo, Skrill, drop it hard” I had to laugh. I’m assuming that’s Sirah since it’s telling me that this track features Sirah. Soon enough a full blown rap verse (and the only real lyrics on the EP) comes in for a friendly handshake and suddenly I think I’m listening to a hard rap album.

Summit wraps up the album with an appearance by Ellie Goulding, even though I’m not sure which vocals are hers and which belong to Sonny Moore because they’re so faint in the background. This is probably the best track on the album and quite frankly, the most tolerable.

I’m just going to go ahead and say it cause I can’t be the only one thinking it – Sonny Moore needs to go back to when his teen angst had a body count. This is an interesting listen – but nothing I would ever actively listen to.

Key Tracks
Summit (track 7)
Breakn’ a Sweat (track 3)

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