The Ocean’s Eyes: Room of Red (Video)

I really don’t watch as many videos as I should – especially not rock videos. My computer kind of hates YouTube and I get incredibly impatient waiting for videos to load, so I usually just skip it all together. I know I’m missing out on a lot, so I really should make more of an effort to watch some videos.

When it comes to rock videos, I never know what to expect. There’s always such an odd division in rock videos and I can never tell what’s going to happen. As I’ve gotten older, my tastes have shifted and more times than not, I would rather see a rock video with the band in it, doing what they do best on their instruments.

The Ocean’s Eyes, a pop-punk/rock band from London, pretty much hit the nail on the head with what I like to see from a rock video in their debut music video for the song Room of Red, produced by Daniel Broadly (who has worked with bands like Futures, That Sunday Feeling and Lab Records). The band is seen as a full piece in front of some interesting furniture, doing nothing but rocking the song out. Occasionally there are shots of lead singer Luke McInroy singing by himself, sitting in the same furniture that the band is playing in front of. Every member of the band is seen and heard and the editing keeps pace with the track.

But enough with the visuals, right? Room of Red is a great rock track with vibes of alternative rock and some sprinkles of pop-punk in the melodies. McInroy’s vocals are on the Metallica end of the pop-punk spectrum which blends like butter and sugar with the intense drumming in this song provided by Ben Smith. The guitars, courtesy of Mitch Wright and Andy Dutnall, slay through this number, bringing to mind bands like Senses Fail. Charlie Robery’s bass lines melts through the tune and is easily recognizable where many bass lines fall short and get lost in the grand scheme of things.

One of the biggest kickers for me with this song was the breakdown about two minutes in. The guitars quieten down and the drums take full force behind tame vocals that could bring a building down if you weren’t watching closely. Seemingly small things like this can make or break songs – and this does nothing but help Room of Red.

To watch the video, all you have to do is look below. If you want more information on the band, visit their Facebook or Twitter (a word to the wise, they have one of their EP’s up for free download on their Facebook!). If you want even more of The Ocean’s Eyes, you can check em out on tour this March with Room 94. A full list of tour dates and ticket purchases can be found on this website. If you’re around the UK, you’ll especially want to take note of this – I imagine they could put on a great show.


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One thought on “The Ocean’s Eyes: Room of Red (Video)

  1. […] the musicianship is in your face from start to finish. As Candace at Back To The Music says, these guys are top-notch: McInroy’s vocals are on the Metallica end of the pop-punk spectrum which blends like butter and […]

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