Ke$ha: Cannibal

Most of my random posts stem from things I’ve heard on the radio during my day – whether its at work (where we play a soothing blend of soft rock) or in the car (where I sometimes listen to Top 40 radio). Today that inspiration was in the form of the classic Tik Tok. I realized I had never actually sat through an entire Ke$ha record. While most of you may feel that that would be like sitting through torturous acts like glass being rubbed into your eyes, my curiosity is undoubtedly piqued.

The first track off her 2010 album, Cannibal, is the title track and undeniably the best Ke$ha song I’ve ever heard. The lyrics are witty and hilarious, with some mentions of serial killers and a great line about using a finger to stir tea. The music isn’t quite as annoying as most of the songs that I’ve heard on the radio and I’m left wondering why this one hasn’t been a single. Or has it?

We R Who We R comes next and if you haven’t heard this one, I have no idea where you’ve been. I’ve never sat down and listened to this song on purpose and I still know most of the lyrics and I really don’t know where it comes from. But still yet, I can sing the chorus to this song against my will. Not the best Ke$ha song, and kind of annoying, but it is what it is.

By itself, I can’t say that I enjoy Blow, but when you’re in a dance club and this track comes on, the place actually explodes. Maybe it’s only a good one when it’s mind-numbingly loud and everyone around you is covered with sweat, alcohol, and glitter and all you can really do is dance.

The Harold Song is surprisingly tender. Less dance-y and more emotional, this song shows a side of Kesha that I didn’t know existed (in her music, anyway). She should consider unleashing this a bit more on her next album.

c u next tuesday makes me feel like I’m suddenly in a video-game land (think early Super Mario Bros. sounds on acid). I can’t decide if I actually like this track or if I hate it. There’s a fine line.

The album (or companion piece to the Animal re-release, I’m finding out after some reading – whoops) wraps up with Animal – Billboard Remix, and I have to say that I’m underwhelmed with this track. Maybe it’s better in its original state, but the remix is doing absolutely nothing for it.

Am I bummed that I spent time listening to a Ke$ha album? Not necessarily. Sometimes it’s nice to just listen to mindless dance music and let it all go. Will I be listening to this regularly? Probably not, with only a couple of exceptions.


Key tracks
The Harold Song (track 5)
Cannibal (track 1)
Blow (track 4)

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