The City Calls: Meet in the Middle (Video)

Music videos are probably  more important than I realize and since the last post about a video, I have been making an effort to watch more than I normally do. When I was sent this video that we’re gonna talk about tonight, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For the first time, I opened the video blindly without looking the band up or hearing them before hand, so I actually got the entire experience that a video is supposed to give you.

The City Calls is a five piece band from the UK’s South Coast who really pack a punch of pop-punk into their tunes. One song was enough to tell me this much. They have a mini-album, A Spark To Ignite, that is available now. Lucas Hardy heads up the band on vocals, Scotty Perry and Darren Ledwich provide the guitars, Chris Aldridge supplies the bass, and the drums are rocked by John Plummer.

The video for Meet in the Middle is quite clever the way it’s set up. The four members are positioned in chairs quite close to the camera as the music starts rolling. Hardy begins to sing and you see the backup vocals begin to chime in as they get comfortable in their chairs – Plummer is even using his sticks to drum the songs out on his knees. One by one as the song goes along, a member rises from the chairs to pick up his instrument in the playing space behind them to form a fully functional rocking out scene by the end of three minutes and thirty-four seconds.

On top of the video dynamics, the song is catchy and the five guys work well together. The vocals are similar enough to instantly attach yourself to, but there’s a different edge that sets them apart – maybe it’s the range that Hardy hits in the song on some notes. The music is upbeat and fun to dance to and begs you to belt out the lyrics right along.

And speaking of, the lyrics are well written and make it easy to relate to as they roll right through the song. I’ll wear a part of you on my sleeve, I’ll wait for weeks for you to believe that I’ve been hangin’ on for days and I won’t fall, no I won’t fall. I’m not going to lie to you guys, these lyrics were so good that they earned a Twitter update from yours truly.

Check out the video below and connect with the band on Facebook, Twitter, or their official page. While you’re at it, visit their record company, I Am Mighty Records, on their homepage!

The City Calls – Meet in the Middle

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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