Adele: 21

Who watched the Grammy’s this past Sunday? Since I was young, the Grammy Awards have been the pinnacle of my year. Yes, over the years they have become more and more of a joke (or maybe they were all along), but I can’t resist tuning in. I was surprised to see that Adele made a pretty good sweep of her nominations, but I realized I had no right to be surprised or feel one way or the other because I hadn’t had a proper listen to 21. Yes, I’ve heard the singles – over and over and over again to the point that I feel she’s overrated and overplayed. Here’s to hoping an actual listen to the album’s entirety changes my mind.

There’s absolutely no doubt that Adele is a talented woman – no matter how many times I have to sit through the singles, I would never deny that. Rolling in the Deep starts off the album and though I’ve never sat down to listen to it on purpose before this, I know just about every lyric. Maybe that is to be blamed on the radio station that plays all day at work, but either way, it’s a fact.

Turning Tables does a nice job in showing Adele’s vocal range that I was unsure of to begin with. Her voice also sounds beautiful mixed with a piano swirling in the background.

Though it’s a single, I haven’t heard Set Fire to the Rain quite as much and I can actually enjoy the song. It’s one of my favorites on the album. It’s a bit more upbeat, but still showcases her singing abilities.

I can tell from the beginning that He Won’t Go will be my favorite song off the album. It almost feels like a pop song that’s been baked with some R&B sprinkled on top and left to melt and molt together. There’s an upbeat element that makes you want to move, but Adele’s voice grooves slowly over the instrumentation.

Nine tracks in and I’m sure I see why this album won six Grammy Awards. I’ll Be Waiting and One and Only seem to me to be in the same tone and the lyrics are absolutely gorgeous. Not only are they hopeful and loving, they’re built beautifully in a musical sense.

The album wraps up with Someone Like You, which is another of those songs that if you haven’t heard it, you must live under a rock. This album almost seems like a story of a up and down rocky-yet-passionate relationship and if I’m taking it the correct way, this is even sadder to end on than I originally thought. The last couple of songs were more hopeful and upbeat, fast paced tracks, but this song is nothing but piano and vocals. Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.

After a forty-eight minute period, I completely see why this album has spent weeks upon weeks at number one and received six Grammy awards. I’m glad I took time to sit down and listen to the album because I was pretty blinded by my agitation of hearing one song over and over. This is a really solid album. If you haven’t listened and you’re questioning it, just give in and take the plunge. I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy what you hear.


Key Tracks
I Won’t Go (track six)
One and Only (track 9)
I’ll Be Waiting (track 8)

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3 thoughts on “Adele: 21

  1. emilianocaballero says:

    Great album, and great producer! no doubt about that!
    I’ll post an interview about how 21 was recorded,in my blog,soon!
    stay tuned!


  2. Great review, and a very memorable album. I’m making a blog of similar nature, check it out if you would like.

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