Marianas Trench: Ever After

How many bands have you heard that move you to become emotional after one song? I was on the search for some new bands last night after doing some intense Pandora’ing over the last week and came across a band I thought I might like based on a description. I listened to one track on Spotify and before the song was over, I was almost in tears and I had chill bumps. I made myself stop after one song and I was looking forward to listening to the entire album all day at work today.

The band that’s made such an impact on me so suddenly? Marianas Trench, a Canadian band that I had never even heard of before last night. We’re going to have a listen to Ever After, and I’m going to say at the beginning of this that you need to just go listen to it right now.

The album kicks off with the song that I allowed myself to listen to before reviewing the entire album, Ever After. The song is six minutes and twenty-four seconds, which made me weary at first, but after two minutes in, I knew I was in safe hands. The music is incredible and seems to change constantly, keeping you on your toes – speeding up, slowing down, growing louder, getting softer. The vocals layer over one another in brilliant patterns and the lyrics keep your brain and your ears engaged.

Haven’t Had Enough steps in next with stronger vocals and more consistency in the music. This song was the first track the band released from the album and it reached number one on iTunes Canada Top of the Charts. I can definitely see why – this album makes you just want to jump on a trampoline in space and let go of everything else.

With vocals that sound clean enough to be in a boy band, Truth or Dare had me turning up the volume several different times just so I could hear more and more.

Fallout is the second single that has been released from the album. It starts off hard and fast punching with strong drums and then mellows out after a minute with a little electronic influence thrown in.

B Team is one of the strongest tracks on the album. This one has more attitude behind it. Also, have I mentioned how great this band’s lyrics are? I should probably mention it again. You know, you know you love the way I linger and you keep me wrapped right round your finger. But you say, you say just wait a little longer and in time I could be the right one.

The album wraps up with No Place Like Home. There is little more to begin this track than the vocal harmonization of the four members and it sounds amazing together. Slowly, what sounds like an organ slips in to the mix and more instruments add on one by one, creating a burst in music, volume, and experience. This is a strong track to end up with the slow build up – it’s almost like the entire eleven songs were leading up to this.

Another reason I wouldn’t allow myself another track last night was because of what I had read about the album. It was meant to be listened to seamlessly without pause between tracks and that’s always been something that has fascinated me – not to mention it’s a cohesive story about a toy land which really comes out in the first and last tracks.

Looking back, I’m glad I waited to experience it as a full unit. Are there amazing individual tracks? Absolutely. But should your first time be with the entire album? Yeah, for sure. This is an album I would tell you to just go and buy. Don’t question anything – just go and buy this. They have an mp3 download of the album you can buy on their website. This is worth it. It is legitimately the best album I’ve heard in a long time.


Key Tracks:
Ever After (track 1)
Truth or Dare (track 4)
No Place Like Home (track 12)

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