Every Time I Die: Ex Lives

I can’t tell you how excited I am about tonight’s post. This is by far one of my favorite bands – definitely in the top ten – and I’ve been waiting for them to put out a new album for what feels like forever now. When I read about the leak yesterday, a week before the album is officially released, I was both bummed for the band and excited for my own enjoyment purposes. Thankfully, the band stepped in and offered the album up for streaming today, making my moral decisions much easier. We’re going to dive into Ex Lives, the new album from Every Time I Die.

Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space starts the album off with the bang that ETID is best known for: loud and rambunctious with a title that will make you tilt your head and chuckle before your face and/or ears are shredded off.

If you weren’t already feeling the burn, Holy Book of Dilemma steps up to the plate next and starts off hard and keeps giving until it can’t give any more at one minute and forty-nine seconds.

A Wild, Shameless Plain kicks in with a more rhythmic melody that has me continuously nodding my head along to the beat. I have to mention that ETID far surpasses the “normal” rock band of today. They’re a little heavier, yes, but their lyrics blow everyone out of the water. In the back of my mind, I’m the loving kind. In the root of my veins, a wild, shameless pain. When you take a listen to this band, listen extra closely to the lyrics. They’re worth it.

If I can even choose a favorite, or multiple favorites, I’d have to say I Suck [Blood] is up there. This song is dynamically different and not necessarily what I would expect from ETID, but it works oh-so well. The guitars are absolutely out of this world in this track. That’s another thing about this band that always blows my mind – the sheer talent of the musicians that comprise the band is relentless.

From the first notes, Revival Mode also is in my top favorites. Though I love his vocals on a normal basis, it’s really nice to hear Keith Buckley’s silky voice for a little while. I love that this band can transition so quickly with some varying musical techniques.

ETID wraps up their album with Indian Giver, a track just keeps giving back. I think this song might encapsulate the reason I adore this band. There’s such interesting musical progressions – it goes from fast to slow in a split second. The vocals change and Buckley shows both sides of his talent. The lyrics are wonderful, and the chorus almost doesn’t sound like the band if it weren’t for the guitars, but isn’t that what’s wonderful about a band like this? They can change up the way they do things, yet you still hear a little bit of their brand left over. Keeps things interesting and keeps it fresh.

When I started to see reviews of this album pour out, I was so excited to see that they were getting 9/10’s and 9.5/10’s. I think this album deserves at least a 9 out of 10. That’s not the way I do things here on Back to the Music. I’ll just tell you that this is a really, really great album from one of my favorite bands and if you’ve never heard them, this is the starting point. You can stream the album here and you can buy it on Tuesday, March 6!


Key Tracks
I Suck [Blood] (track 5)
Indian Giver (track 11)
Revival Mode (track 8)

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2 thoughts on “Every Time I Die: Ex Lives

  1. Fin says:

    I really like your reviews! I still don’t really know how to write a review style post all that well yet, but I’m working on it haha. And I’ve never heard Every Time I Die, but if you like them I’ll definitely have to give them a listen!

    Also, I’ve just finished and published my first music-related post since before the six months my blog was dead! You should definitely check it out, it’s about Of Monsters and Men!


    • Ah, thank you so much! I’m not always sure of what I’m doing, but I’ve kinda jumped right into it headfirst. That’s about all you can do, isn’t it?
      Please give ETID a listen and let me know what you think. They’ve been one of my favorite bands since high school.

      I’m heading over right now to check it out!

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