He Is We: My Forever

As you may have figured out if you’ve read my blog for a while, I’ll listen to anything at least once. It doesn’t take much to catch my attention – but holding that attention is a completely different matter. I was going through some festival lineups recently trying to clue myself in to some of the bands, a few caught my attention enough for me to make a note to listen to them further. One of those bands was He Is We, a female-fronted indie pop due from Washington. We’re gonna have a listen to My Forever.

The album opens with Forever and Ever, a lively tune with soft beats and a lovely female voice contributed by Rachel Taylor. I’m a sucker for female fronted bands, and especially good ones. This song keeps its tempo and Taylor’s voice has a great tone with just tinge of a flat edge to keep things interesting.

Owl City steps in for a guest spot on the next track, All About Us. This is an airy track that reminds me lyrically of a Taylor Swift song. I feel like I should be in the middle of a cloud of butterflies when I’m listening to this – maybe while a rainbow shines in the background.

Wikipedia tells me that Taylor and guitarist Trevor Kelly met at a music store where they were both working in their hometown when they discovered like talents and banded up. These two work well together, meshing musically like a jigsaw puzzle.

Kiss It Better allows Kelly’s guitar playing to really be staged properly for recognition. This song is a stark contrast to the rest of the record – it’s dark and chilling and is largely just vocals, guitar and piano. The lyrics tell a story that reminds me of a Romeo and Juliet situation – the female is dying in her lover’s arms and the story focuses on the male character in the tragic love story. Stay with me until I fall asleep, stay with me. Kiss it all better, I’m not ready to go. It’s not your fault, love, you didn’t know.

The album wraps up with one of the strongest tracks, Fall. Taylor’s voice stronger than ever in this song, owning the lyrics and putting real emotion behind them. I let you in and gave you pieces. I’m quick to stumble, pain increases. The string instruments on this track also should get a spotlight, especially during the outbreaks of the chorus. Though the lyrics may be from a breakup standpoint, the music lends a hopeful air to the song, ending the album on a great note.

Between Taylor’s unique voice and Kelly’s strength on guitar, this album is a solid one. I love finding new female fronted bands, and if you’re looking for a lightly popped album with sweet lyrics, this is a pretty good bet. I’m going to listen to their newest EP after this one.


Key Tracks
Blame it On The Rain (track 8)
Kiss It Better (track 6)
Fall (track 10)

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