Archers and Arrows: Archers and Arrows

With the rich culture of American music, sometimes I forget that there are many other countries out there putting out excellent music that needs to be recognized. Just like in America, there are small bands around the world trying to get their names out there. Sure, there are some bands that are from other countries that I’ve discovered and been devoted to, but largely, it’s hard to find some bands unless someone recommends them – or unless you get an email alerting you of these bands. Bidaux Yves contacted me yesterday with a download link to his band’s self-titled disc.

Archers and Arrows are a punk rock band from Switzerland, comprised of four guys who aren’t willing to be neutral like their home country. These guys have played with notable bands like The Get Up Kids, Polar Bear Club, and Man Overboard. That’s a pretty sturdy list for a smaller band isn’t it?

Archers and Arrows start the disc off strong with It’s so Cool, We Will Die All Together, an in-your-face track that is reminiscent of classic punk bands. The song doesn’t let up over the three minute duration as every instrument gives their all, only to be overshadowed by the wonderful, hard-hitting drumming which steals the spotlight in the best of ways.

The Support follows and is a pleasant surprise. Instead of giving me a less than enthusiastic follow-up to the first track, this one keeps the momentum – and my attention. The melodies and progressions of the guitars in this song remind me of bands like Jimmy Eat World. This will undoubtedly be my favorite from the album.

Swan Song slows things down just a bit, giving way for the vocals to come through, both poignant and beautiful in their own respects.

Truncated Humanism is probably the track on the album that most reminds me of a classic punk rock song – and it’s such a breath of fresh air. The vocals are raw, the drums are doing their duty, and the guitars are relentlessly working through the song.

The album wraps up with The Young Carpetbaggers, the shortest song on the album, but a solid ending. The vocals are clear and gruff, keeping time with the guitars that mold the song together so carefully.

I have to say, I was surprised when I started playing this record. Such raw punk rock sounds coming from a smaller band in Switzerland? It’s not something I’m used to – but these guys pull it off beautifully and get two thumbs up from me. With so many bands who have no clear identity in today’s music society, I’m always relieved to hear small bands who are staying true to themselves and the music they’re contributing to the world.

If you want to check these guys out, you can do so on Facebook and Tumblr. And if you want to give this EP a listen, here’s a download:


Key Tracks
The Support (track 2)
Truncated Humanism (track 4)

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