Lower Lands: Growing Pains

Did you ever listen to the Spice Girls and wonder how their accents didn’t clearly come through when they were singing about things you didn’t even understand yet? I know I did. I would watch interviews and wonder why their accents came through so strongly in their normal speaking voice but not in their singing. Anyway – there is a point here. I’ve come to find that rock bands show their accents more – like the band we’re going to talk about tonight. Tonight’s album is Growing Pains from British alternative rock band Lower Lands.

Lower Lands kicks off their album with a slow track that feels like Thursday if Thursday met Blur and then had tea in a small London shop. Wide Eyes has the tone and tempo remind me of early Thursday albums, but I hear the tinge of British accent. The band hails from Lincoln, UK, so it really is no wonder. With the same relentless vocals and drumming as Thursday, this band hits the nail on the head right out of the gates.

12 Green Bottles comes off with more of a pop-punk feel than an alternative rock. This song is a little more upbeat and is exactly what I’d like to be listening to if I was headed to outer space – at least that’s how I feel when I listen to the song. The guitars steal the show on this track, breaking down and building up this song.

Idle Hands, Empty Pockets is my favorite track on the album. This song is going to kick you down and make sure you listen. It feels assertive, all the sounds are firmly in place, taking their stance and not budging. The vocals on this track are tighter than ever – coming across clearly and hard-headed. This song is a roller coaster of good guitar riffs and hammering drums that makes for two thumbs up in my book.

Why Don’t We Just Build a Cathedral is a nice addition to the album. It shows a different side of the band, almost reverting back to the same sense I got from the first track, but keeping it fresh and new. I also have to mention how great this song title is – I mean really. Say that out loud.

The EP wraps up with the title track, Growing Pains, the hardest song on the album. With the progression of the guitars throughout the song, I’m more reminded of some really great pop-punk in this track than anything. The guitars again focus you in their sights and burn into your ear drums like I would imagine laser beams would – and it feels good, ladies and gentlemen. The guitar work on these six tracks is out of bounds.

In six songs, this band has reminded me of a spectrum of different bands. When someone reminds me of Thursday right out of the gate, I know it’s going to be something worth listening to. By the end of the EP, I felt things like New Found Glory and even punk rock classics. Lower Lands proves that they’re a band to be watched because with six tracks, they’ve kicked me six different places without missing a beat or straying from their core.

You can catch this EP out on I Am Mighty Records on April 14. If you wanna pre-order it, head over to their site right about here. If you want more information on the band, check their Facebook and Twitter pages (and believe me – you do want more information about these guys).

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