Adam Lambert: Trespassing

The only season of American Idol that I ever followed religiously was the season that Clay Aiken was on. Some I loosely followed, and some I didn’t really care about. I half-tuned-in to the season when Adam Lambert was a contestant. I was always back and forth about him on the show. Once everything was said and done and he began releasing his own music, my mother discovered him and well, the rest is history. Whether or not I actually liked Adam was irrelevant – if I was around my mom, he was going to be in my life. Soon I just accepted it and enjoyed the ride. I’ve only been waiting for Trespassing for a few months, so let’s go!

The album opens with the title track which is a strong, stomping number that feels like a mix of stadium rock with a really great dance tune. Adam’s edgy vocals are hotter than ever in this one – sometimes he’s calmly singing a chorus, and sometimes he’s belting out notes like only he can do. You’ll have a hard time keeping still when this song is playing.

Never Close Our Eyes is a total powerhouse of a jam. Bruno Mars joins Adam on this track for some intense vocal match ups and some up-tempo jams. The lyrics are sweet and the beat is sick – it’s an instant hit, especially with these two.

One of my favorite songs on the album is Pop That Lock. You can probably judge from the title that it isn’t the most earth-shattering of songs, and it probably won’t be changing your life. But it’s just so fun! The lyrics are hilariously amazing and the beat is one you just can’t resist.

Better Than I Know Myself was the first single release from the album and is a gorgeous song with emotional depth that I expect from Adam now. His vocals on this song are out of this world – this man has some vocal chords that are unparalleled by most. I am always impressed by him.

The album shifts now to a more raw, less dancey side. Underneath is gorgeous and really focuses on Adam’s chill bump inducing voice. I would love to see this song performed live. Outlaws of Love is a song Adam has performed at a couple of shows in recent months, so it’s exciting to hear the finished track. This one hits pretty heavy – it’s about gay marriage (or as I like to call it, marriage). Everywhere we go, we’re looking for the sun. No where to grow old, we’re always on the run. They say we’ll rot in hell, well I don’t think we will. They’ve branded us enough, outlaws of love. Not only can you feel the hurt and desperation in the music, but the lyrics are so eloquent and put things in such a perspective. I urge you to really listen to this song.

Ending on the same sort of slow, impactful note, Nirvana wraps things up. This track is almost more up-beat than a few of it’s predecessors, but a beautiful piano is draped over the soft drums and vocals.

I love how this album was sort of divided – think Beyonce on I Am…Sasha Fierce. The first half of the album was light-hearted, fun, and dancey, while the second half of the album brought the impact, slower jams, and phenomenal vocals. I waited for this album for so long, anticipation building with every push-back of the release date, but I can tell you right now – it was well worth the wait. This is an incredible album from an amazing artist. You should give it a whirl right now – I don’t care what you’re doing. Now.


Key Tracks
Underneath (track 10)
Pop That Lock (track 7)
Outlaws of Love (track 12)

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