The Wanted: The Wanted

I think I’ve mentioned it, but during my tween years, I was sucked into a good ole round of boy bands. I was always a Backstreet fan – still am, actually – but I loved all of the groups that came and went. Imagine my shock (and glee) at this new round of boy bands that has emerged. When One Direction and The Wanted grabbed my attention, I was pretty excited, I won’t lie to you. I listened to the singles they both had out at the time and I made a choice: The Wanted were the winners of my heart this round. I’ve already listened to One Direction’s album, now it’s time for me to take a solid listen to The Wanted’s self titled.

The album opens with the spirited and lively Glad You Came. If you haven’t heard this song by now, I have no idea what kind of creature you are. I’d heard this song before my heart was won over. It’s bouncy and up-beat and it’s a lot of fun live with all five of these guys hopping around and vying for the collective female attention span. It’s always hilarious to hear the screams when different members of the band start singing. I almost feel like I’m 12 again.

Lightning is one of my favorites on the album. It has more harmony between the members and a lot less experimental-techno sounds even if they’re still remotely present. Of course the lyrics are sickeningly sweet, what more do you expect from a boy band?

Heart Vacancy is the quintessential I-could-love-you boy band song – I’m sure you could predict the lyrics even if you weren’t an avid boy band fan. It’s about wanting a romantic interest to let you in and let you love them because obviously they could love you better than anyone else – especially the one you’re currently with.

Warzone is something that the group should strive for on a regular music-making basis. The vocals are beautiful (for what they are) and there’s a good mid-tempo beat going on. Probably my favorite on the album.

Rocket wraps up the album with an interesting twist – this isn’t as auto-tuned and dance club oriented as I expected the album to end on. This sounds like something that could’ve competed with Nsync and BSB back in the day.

I definitely enjoyed this album and it solidified The Wanted as my pick of the current boy band battle royale. It won’t compare to my love of the Backstreet Boys by any means, but they’re some fun tracks to have around when your day has just been that long and you just wanna dance.


Key Tracks
Warzone (track 9)
Lightning (track 5)
Glad You Came (track 1)

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